Case for his guitar

The brother bought his old guitar three years ago. It has free case when he bought it; however, the case needs to be replaced because it has holes in some areas. It is made of fabric that is why it did not last longer. The brother now is thinking of buying a case of good quality so it will last longer. He likes the Tkl Cases from musicians friend. The case is really nice and you can make sure your guitar is protected because of the material and the kind of case it is. The brother does want a case to put his guitar and a case that he makes sure his guitar is safe. If you are looking for a case for your guitar, try the one that my brother wants to have for his guitar.

11 Years of Marriage

Last February 15, 2014 is the 11th wedding anniversary of my brother and his wife. Time flies really fast, we haven’t notice that they have been together for 11 long years. The celebration is very simple like the usual. It was just a dinner at home with the family. It is not good to spend much, as what my brother says. As long as they are together, happy together and showing the love and care. That is the most important. They bought the favorite viands of their kids and ice cream to complete the celebration.

They have been through a lot of trials, difficulties and problems, however, those things did not stop them to continue moving on and strive harder. There are misunderstanding, but they talk it over to make things clearer. Life isn’t easy I must say for them but those difficulties and problem made them stronger. I am a witness of their struggle as married couple and I must say keep it up brother and SIL. On your 11th years of marriage, I wish you all the happiness, success and good health. Always put God in the middle of your marriage life always. Do not forget to call him when you are in distress because He will always there to lighten it up. Happy wedding anniversary and God bless always!

I have a date on Valentine’s day

Ever since during Valentine’s day, my date is my sister always. But it stops when she got married. She got married four years ago. To sum it up, I never been out for three consecutive Valentine’s day because no one bothers to invite or go with me. Haha! This year, I want to make a change. I want to go out, unwind, enjoy the busy city and have fun. I am thinking of whom to invite. I asked the closest neighbor, however she has a date with her bf. Too bad! I am thinking of bringing my nieces to watch movie instead, but they are too young and the movie that I like to watch is not right at their age.

My last option is my college friend. She is working far from the city and very busy, but still I tried to ask her. Luckily, she said yes. In fact, she is thinking of inviting me too. Woohoo! I have a date on Valentine’s day. We tried to contact some of college friends too. Only one responded to us. We will try to ask again the other two so our date would be more fun. Even though, we do not have someone special, still we can celebrate and have a date on V-day. See you friends.

Preparing the home for their house guest

The aunt is working abroad for more than a decade now. She has built her dream house and sent her kids to prestigious schools. When one of her closest friends from foreign land thinking of having a vacation in the country, she offered her house since she has spare room. Besides her friend will only stay for three days. To accommodate her friend and to make her feel comfortable while staying at their abode, the aunt is putting commercial pumps to keep up the heating and cooling atmosphere at her house. They are almost done preparing their house for their guest and the other needs of the guest. She wants to make sure that her guest will enjoy her stay and make her stay worth it.

Thanks for the gift

I have bragged in my other post that my birthday was full of surprises. First, was a surprise early morning greeting from my four years old nephew. I am so touched because he whispered on my ear while I was sleeping. Second, was a birthday cake from my sister. And lastly, a gift from a friend who is now living in the other side of the world. It was indeed a surprised because I did not expect that she would be giving a gift. She said sorry first for not greeting me on my birthday because she is busy with her work.

Even though it is late, she did greet me happy birthday and wish me all the best and happiness in life. Better late than never I must say. My birthday was a blast because of the unexpected things happens. To my friend Pinx, thanks a lot for the gift. I would surely buy something for me from the gift you sent. Also thanks for the friendship. I so wish that we will see each other again in the near future. I wish you and your family well and may God bless you always. Again, thanks for the gift my friend.