Excited to see him dancing

Next week will be the foundation day of the school where my nephews are studying. The students will have their field demonstration and the teachers are very busy preparing and practicing the kids on their presentation. It will be one of the huge celebrations at school and I am so excited to see my nephew perform. I am excited because my nephew is a shy boy. When he was in kinder 1, he does not participate because he is so shy. He will hide behind me and cover his face with his palm every time the teacher calls him. I hope to see the less shy nephew on their field demonstration next week.

At home, my five (5) year old nephew shows us some steps that they practiced at school. I have not seen them practicing because parents are no longer allowed to stay inside the school campus on classes hours. But seeing him, dancing at home makes us happy because it shows that he is not that shy anymore. He seems like excited to perform especially when he finally see their foundation t-shirt. Good luck to the Kinder 2 students, I hope for the best and prayed that they will win on their category. And to my nephew, continue what you are doing and discovering new things to overcome your shyness. We know you can do it and we are so proud of you. Go shake your body and enjoy your presentation.

Congratulations and Best Wishes

After the very stressful and panicking preparations for her wedding, the cousin ties the knot last Friday, September 21, 2018. I am so happy that the wedding went well even if there are several things that are not yet done two days before the wedding. Good thing that the cousin handled it well despite her condition. The cousin is seven (7) months pregnant. The wedding invitation card that I made is lacking, and I have to print three more copies. Thanks God, things are settled before the wedding day. I am so proud of my cousin because, despite her condition, she managed to handle the preparation of her wedding day.

My cousin is so happy because her wedding went very well. Her family is there, close friends, relatives, and their invited guests to grace her wedding. I must say that the newlywed couple is the happiest person on earth. They have been through a lot, fought their love and happiness, and they won. I salute their courage and strength to fight what makes them happy. I wish the couple the best of luck. I wish them all the happiness in the world. I am looking forward to seeing they’re first born in two months. Congratulations and best wishes to the newlywed couple.

It’s a boy!

After the three miscarriages, the sister-in-law is pregnant and is due in the second week of November. My brother is so happy because they have been waiting for this wonderful gift from God for four (4) years. Finally, they will become parents later this year. We are also excited for them too. We have been praying for this. The soon to be parents are busy buying things for the baby in her fifth months of pregnancy. they are so excited for their first born. They bought all white colored clothes because they do not know the gender of the baby yet.

Two weeks ago, the sister-in-law had her ultrasound to know the gender of the baby. And they will be having a son. Yes, it is a boy and the brother is the happiest person on earth. Indeed an answered prayers. They have patiently waited and the Lord to give them the best gift ever in their life. I am so excited to meet the new member in the family, the brother and sister-in-law’s bundle of joy, the family’s new angel. Right now, they are busy preparing the things needed to bring to the hospital. We are praying that the sister-in-law will give birth normally, and prayed that both of them is fine and the baby is healthy. Can’t wait to see you baby Ryan.

Fiesta Celebration and Thanksgiving

Last Saturday was the fiesta celebration in our village. We had the simple feast at home with some invited relatives, friends and co-workers of my brother and sister-in-law. It was not just a simple fiesta for us because we are also having thanksgiving celebration for the recovery of my father. We had hard days lately because my father got really sick, we thought that he will not survive, but thank you God he is slowly recovering. Through hemodialysis, my father gets better and he can walk now, not on his own though for the meantime. Hopefully, soon he will get better. We really missed his smiling face and his jokes.

To those who came and celebrates with us thank you very much. Also, a huge thank you to all who visited my father at the hospital and at home, your presence helps a lot for my father to recover. Thank you for making my father an important person. Hopefully, he will get better and better so his life will be back to normal so that he can do what he usually does. To the relatives who come visit, thank you very much for your presence, we appreciate it a lot.

Lastly, thank you God for always with us. Thank you for watching my father over. Also, thank you for my father’s life. Give him good health and long life. Amen!

Two more months

After the two miscarriages, the brother and his will soon have their first born. The baby will see the beauty of life in two months. The long wait is over and they will finally become parents. They brother and sister-in-law visited us two days ago and told us that they will have a son. They are so excited to see their son. Thank you, God, for this blessing to the couple. This year is indeed a blessed year for us and especially to the brother and SIL. They got married last May and now they will have the baby in November. It is an answered prayer and we are so happy for them.

Since they live far from us, we cannot be there when the big day comes but we see to it to visit them when she gave birth. I just give them some suggestions to do before the day comes. Things that they need to prepare while waiting. Listing the things to bring at the hospital. Also, told the SIL to put all the things needed to bring in the hospital bag so when the day comes, they just grab the bag and go to the hospital. I pray that the SIL will have the safe delivery. Also, pray for both the SIL and the baby’s safety. See you soon little one, the new member in the family. Can’t wait to see you and carry you in my arms.