She is an angel in disguise

Our short vacation at the province of my BIL in Trento, Agusan (Philippines) was a memorable one, memorable in the sense that we lost one of our bags. I was carrying three bags, the sister is carrying her two sons, the BIL is two big bags, and the babysitter is carrying three bags. I counted all the bags before we ride the bus that will bring us to the Trento terminal. When we arrived at the Trento terminal, we get all the bags that were put in the bag area. My focus is the three bags that I carried. I am counting all the bus while waiting for the BIL’s brother that will fetch us.

After 30 minutes of waiting, I noticed that one bag is missing. I asked the sister about the red bag that carried by his husband. One of our bags is still on the bus that is heading to Butuan. OMG! The sister’s and her husband’s clothes was there. We are arguing of how we are going to get our bag back, when the woman who is the passengers on the bus, told us that she has the mobile number of the bus driver. She seated beside the sister near the bus driver. The driver and she were talking while on the road and end up exchanging numbers. Good thing we have the same destination. I asked the number of the driver and tried calling it. The driver and I talking of how we are going to get our bag back. To make the story short, we are able to get our bag back. She is an angel in disguise I must say. Thanks to her.

Summer time, it is swimming time

It is summer time here in the city and this means only one thing, it is swimming time. Oh yeah! The kids in the family are very much excited because we will have our summer outing at one of the white beaches in the city. Anyways, since it is swimming time, we look for the swimwear that we are going to wear. The kids will be wearing the same swimwear last year because it is still fits to them. But to us oldies, we need to buy new set of swimwear. It is not easy to look for swimwear in the nearest malls and department store for my SIL because she belongs to plus size community. Lol We decided to search for swimwear online since there are lots of online store today. Luckily we found the link that sells plus size swimwear for women. The searching online is worth it because we found the swimwear that fits to my SIL. If there is available size for me, I might get one too because their swimwear is really nice.

If you are plus size and looking for swimwear, just visit the link I have visited. You will for sure find the perfect swimwear for you.

He says yes finally

During holy week, the family prefers to stay at home, take part in the church activities, and resting. Sometimes, I thought of us going somewhere to rest and relax but the father didn’t like the idea. He is so against it. He would say, instead of enjoying in this Lenten season, it is best to repent and meditate. The father has a point. Holy week is the time to repent and reflect. We can have our resting and relaxing somewhere any time though. The sister and her family will be going to the province of his husband this holy week. And she is inviting me to go with them. I am happy because I really want to travel and unwind. I am so stress because of my brother. Going to the province is a good idea.

I told the father about the sister’s invitation. Unfortunately he is not allowing me to go. I felt really sad because I really want to go to rest. I asked him why, but he will not give me any answer. I did not stop asking his permission. I guess he feels irritated by me and say yes. Woohoo! I will be going out of the city for this first time. Thanks to my father for saying yes. I can pack my things now.

His 67th

 photo 2cedb5ec-e37b-42ca-8593-7fee0a146e1c_zpsda9a5a8f.jpgMy father is turning 67 this April 7, 2014. We think of having simple celebration without his knowledge. The sister, brothers and I are talking of what we are going to prepare on his special day. I told the sister that we will be buying two cakes for him, one from us and one from his grandchildren. The cake also will complete the birthday celebration. No cake, no birthday, according to the kids. My father is so easy to please; a simple dinner at the house would mean so much to him. He has invited two of his friend, the closest one.

On his 67th years, I thank God for giving him another year to be with us. The father is very sick last year. I wish that his condition will get better and he will not be so sickly anymore. Although, we fought sometimes, I always pray for his health. The photo above is the celebrant with the two cute cakes that the sister and I bought for him and the foods that we are going to eat. It is not a best photo I must say because he doesn’t himself posing with the cakes. Well, he said he is too old for this. Lol Again, happy 67th birthday father, we love you always!

So proud of his girls

 photo honors_zps26e24d76.png

Last March 25-26, 2014 was the recognition day at school where the girls (my nieces Ronna and Ella) are studying.  Their parents took two days off to be witness the recognition day, also to pin the ribbons and medals for their girls.  Ella, finishes with honors, medal as girl scout of the year, and two ribbons.  While Ronna got medal as girl scout of the year and three ribbons.  Unfortunately, Ronna did not able to be part of the honor students, but she did well.  She belongs to the first section just like Ella.  Her grades are high, but not enough to be part of the honor students.

We are expecting that Ronna will finish with honors, but it was Ella who did made it.  Still we are proud of the girls because they did well at school.  I can say that their father (my brother) is really proud of his girls.  He is a hands on father.  His waking up early preparing foods for the kids was worth it because the girls give something to make them happy.  I am so proud of the girls too because being part of the first section is not easy.  Challenges are there because they belong to fast learner class.  Congratulations for passing another level.