The nephew’s first day at school

June 02, 2014 is the first day of school in the country. Students wake up early for school. Today is also the day of the nephew’s first day at school. He is enrolled in kindergarten. It takes time to wake him up early, bring him to the bathroom, eat breakfast and getting him ready for school. He is half asleep while his mother is busy preparing him and the things he needs. He used to wake up very late, so waking him up early is difficult. Seeing him moving half asleep is fun though. His mother sends him to school on his first day and his father fetches him up.

According to his father, his first day isn’t bad because he has friend already. Well, I can say that the nephew is a friendly kid. He likes to play and talks a lot. I hope he won’t be playing and talking while the teacher is making a lesson. I wish the nephew a very good luck at school. I hope that he will do good and be a good student. Starting next week, I will be the one fetching him at school since his parents are both working. I will be fetching two kids in different school. Arghs! Good luck to me.

The nephew is getting better

After our overnight stay at one of the resort, the nephew got sick. He has very high fever and not feeling so well. We are glad he was sick when we arrived home. We just thought it is because of the weather because it was very hot when we are heading to the resort and heavy rain pour down when we reached the resort. The nephew is taking medicine already but the fever did not subside. Because it was Sunday afternoon, we decided to bring the nephew the following day to his pediatrician if he still as fever.

We are so worried especially my sister (the mother) because her son doesn’t drink his milk nor eat foods. He looks very sick I must say. The following day, the fever is gone. We are glad but another problem occurs. The nephew’s tummy is bloated. This is the reason he doesn’t like to drink milk nor eat foods. The sister bought medicine for bloated tummy and at the same time using herbal medicines. The nephew now is getting better. His appetite came back and the fever is gone. We did not go to the doctor anymore because the medicine that we bought plus the herbal medicine helps the nephew’s conditions getting better. Thank you Lord.

Thanks God for the safe travel

The family went to Samal Island last weekend to have our summer outing. The travel is a bit long and tiring but worth it because when we reach to our destination, we will be resting for 1 ½ days. We will be soaking on the water for long. Before we go out of the house, we offered prayers for the safety of everybody and for the safe travel because we will be riding on a barge. Too bad the younger brother and his son cannot join us for some reasons. We are expecting him to come but he did not.

The family outing was fun, exciting and full of memories even though we are not complete. We enjoyed soaking on the water at the beach, while the kids are enjoying the water at the pool. Family summer outing happens only once in a year, so we make sure to spend it at the nice place away from the busy city where we could relax, rest, unwind and enjoy. The summer outing was a success; we went home smiling, happy and well rested. We are not ready to go home yet, but we have to because some member of the family will go back to work the following day. Thanks God for our safe travel and our safety.

Remembering mom’s birthday

Today is my mother’s birthday. If she is still alive, she is 66th years old now. I so missed my mother very much. Every year we do celebrate her birthday. We are visiting her grave; bring flowers, candle, and foods. Also , we offered a prayer for her. We usually visit her together but today father and two brothers will not be going. My father’s condition is not good; he can’t stand longer and can’t walk longer. The other brother is working and the younger brother is living very far from us. Though they are not going with us, I am pretty sure that my mom is very happy up there because her five grandchildren are visiting her.

Just like the previous years, we will have simple dinner at home. We prepare a plate for her, with her favorite foods. That is how we celebrate and remember mom on her birthday. How we wish she is with us, eating with us and laughing with us. It would be a perfect celebration if she is with us because we will be celebrating her birthday and mother’s day. Anyways, happy birthday mother thanks for the memories. Wherever you are, know that you are always remembered and loved by us.

The brother’s new watch

After 15 years in the company, the brother receives a loyalty award. His company gave him a wrist watch a month ago. He was the happiest person in the world I must say because his effort and the years of working in the company is being appreciated. The watch is really nice, too bad I cannot have it because it is a men’s watch. It is to big for me and the design doesn’t fit to me. I really like his watch so I search online to see if there is any available watches for women. I am so glad of what I found it here. I found the same watch with my brother and they have one for women. Guess I have to start saving now to get the watch that I so wanted. Good luck to me.