The brand that has everything for you

When buying products, the first that we have to look for is the name of the brand. It does help if the brand is well known because it is surely of good quality for it is for sure will last longer. Just like if we are to buy music instrument like drums set. As much as possible we like to buy in one brand only so if it needs replacement or needs to buy a certain parts that is broken we already know where to go. It would be best to buy a brand that has wide selections just like what vater has. It has wide selections of drumstick, percussion mallets, and other accessories to complete your drum set. There is nothing more you could ask for because they have everything for you. All you have to do it so collect and select.

Her 37th Birthday

Few days ago, the family celebrated the 37th birthday. Another year has added to my dearest sister’s life here on earth. Her day was a memorable one because she was serenade with birthday songs from her co-teachers, hearing their greetings and wishes and birthday greetings from us, her family and a happy birthday song from her eldest son. I am touched hearing the nephew singing happy birthday song to his mom. We are not expecting it from him. He is a very sweet kid. Indeed the sister’s day was a blast even if we are just having simple dinner at their abode.

I thank God for another year of my sister’s life. Time really flies so fast. She is now 37 years old. Happy and contented with what she has, blessed with loving husband, two wonderful sons and a very stable job. I thank God for giving us a very loving sister like her. Even though she already has her own family, still she never fails to help us when we need her help. She will do her very best to help the family and is willing to give even the last cents in her wallet. On her birthday, I wish her happiness, more blessings, good health, and long life. God bless always my dearest sister. We love you very much!

JC’s work of art

 photo IMG_20141003_205525_zps95709860.jpg

Four months had passed and I can tell that the three year old nephew is improving. He can handle pencil perfectly. He can write numbers and letters too, not perfectly though but I am pretty sure he will write it neatly and perfectly soon. Not like before, he is now participating in the class and listening to his teacher. Also, he tried to copy what is written on the board. Though it is funny sometimes because it gives us the hard time understanding what he wrote in his notebook. And when I ask him what it is, he just smiles at me.

One day, I am reviewing his lesson because they will be having weekly test. I am making my own questioner. I was drawing on the paper when the nephew told me if he can draw too. So, I gave him pencil and a paper. We both are busy drawing something on the paper. I went to check on his work after I am done making the questioner. I am surprised to see his drawing. I asked him what he is drawing; he told me that he draws his mother, father, younger brother and him. How sweet my nephew JC is. I am really surprised of what he did. He is indeed a smart kid. It’s his first work of art and I won’t let it just pass. I took a picture and thought of sharing it here. I am a proud aunt, so to speak!

Qualify to take the scholarship examination

Next year, the nieces will step another level of her study. She will be in the high school level, new school, new environment, new people, new classmates and new friends to meet. Though she has already decided of what school she will like to enroll next year, my sister wants her to try another school and take scholarship examination. We want her to try her luck in private school where offers full scholarship. First, she doesn’t like the idea for she has already decided of what school she will be going to next year. However, she changes her mind because some of her classmates and friends are trying their luck too.

The nieces have filled up the application/registration form and have submitted the requirements to the certain private school that she likes. We are hoping that she qualifies to take the scholarship examination. Yesterday, the niece told us that she qualifies to take the scholarship examination. It was indeed good news to the family. We do hope that she will pass the examination which will be on the 4th of October, 2014. The school she picked is the school that the sister wants her to try. Hopefully she will passed the examination and be one of the full scholar student. Good luck to my niece and God bless always!

Stepped on the thumbtacks

Yesterday someone is knocking at the gate. I was cooking lunch then. I went outside to see who is knocking when I stepped on something on the floor. When I checked it, it was thumbtacks. Arghs! I hurriedly pull it out and squeeze the affected part my foot sole to let the blood out. The pain is bearable so I do not mind it at all. Few hours later, I feel that my foot is aching. I cannot walk straight because feels like it is swelling. I guess it is normal since it has wound. Still I am worried for infection because of the rusting thumbtacks.

When the sister went to our house, she noticed that I don’t walk normally. I told her of what happened and told me to take medicines for possible infection. I took medicine before going to bed. This morning my foot is still aching but bearable now. I can’t walk normally still but I am hoping it will get better soon and I am continuing taking medicines. Swelling foot because of stepping on the thumbtacks is painful but I am thankful that it was me who stepped on the thumbtacks and not the kids who are playing and running in the house.