Holy Day of Obligation

Today is the feast of the Immaculate Conception. The Catholic church marks this day as one of the Holy Day of Obligation. The faithful are obliged to participate and attend the Holy Mass. According to teachings, this is the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mary was conceived naturally but God kept her soul is immaculate, meaning she is free from original sin. The feast celebrated in Catholic Church on December 8. Some churches has activity on this day, but this celebration is started with Holy Mass.

For the first time today, I attended the mass on the feast of the Immaculate Conception. I went with my sister and niece. Although, I have heard about this Holy Days of Obligation, I seldom attend/participate. I felt guilty because faithful are obliged but I did not do my part. I am glad today that I was able to attend the mass and offered flowers to Virgin Mary. Also witness procession at the church. It feels really good to participate. My first time is really nice and will surely participate the masses on the Holy Days of Obligation. I took some photos of us at the church this morning.

With Academic Excellence Award for Second Quarter


Last week was the reading of honors for my grade two nephew. Although we wish him to be one of the tops of his class, we did not expect for the second quarter because nephew was not able to make it in the first quarter. His grades for the first quarter is not enough. We motivate him though to study his lessons, participate in the class activity and lessons and get high scores in quizzes and examinations. It is not easy to challenge and motivate the nephew because he is so playful. He is not the studious type of student.

We were surprised last week because the nephew showed to us his certificate of excellence award. Yes, he is one of the top students at their class and we are so happy for him. The hard work and sacrifices are paid off because of the award that the nephew gets for the second quarter. Job well did I must say. His excellence award makes us so happy and proud of him. It is a long way to go, I just hope that the nephew will continue doing his best to get another award for a third and fourth quarter. Congratulations to my nephew, I am so proud of you. Keep up the good works. Whatever it is with the award or not, always know that we are proud of you.

Visiting my new nephew

Last October 30, 2018, my sister-in-law gave birth to their first baby. It is a boy. I was not able to go with them to the hospital because we are busy preparing for the 2nd birthday of my niece the following day. The brother is so happy telling us that his wife gave birth already via normal delivery. The prayers have been answered because the baby is healthy, the sister-in-law is safe and also it is a normal delivery. They have been praying for this baby for years and now here it is. The pain is worth it, according to my sister-in-law. It is worth it because the nephew is so cute.


I went to visit my nephew last Friday. I visit because the brother asked me to help them how to take the baby a bath, how to carry him properly, how to make the baby burp after feeding him and also brought some things needed by the baby. Yes, I am single and I learned those things through experiences from cousins, aunts, and watching videos online. I get to spend time with the nephew for two days and I am so happy. I missed carrying the baby in my arms, feeding the baby and bathing the baby. I so wish that they live near us so I can visit them anytime I want.

I took photos of my super cute nephew.

Helping them packing the things

This is it! The first baby of my older brother will arrive anytime this week. The wonderful blessing from Above. I visited them last week and helping the sister-in-law in packing the things need to bring in the hospital. I did it because I was asked by my other brother and I want to help as well. The sister-in-law has difficulty in moving because of the bulging tummy. I put all the things needed by the baby at the hospital and also told the brother and the sister-in-law of the things she needs to bring and buy for herself. I am supposed to be with them by now, however, because of my father’s condition, I can’t be with them. But for sure I will give time to visit them in the hospital when she gave birth.

I can see in the ultrasound that the baby boy of my brother and sister-in-law is healthy. He keeps on moving and very active inside his mother’s womb. I am so excited to see and carry the little angel too. In fact, I talked to him when I visited them last Sunday. I touch the tummy of my sister-in-law and talk to the baby. I pray that the sister-in-law and the baby are safe and the safe delivery of sister-in-law. Also, I will deliver the baby bouncer this week. It is a hand me down bouncer but still in good condition.

43rd Foundation Day


Foundation day is the day where a certain place, establishments, area, school, and the likes celebrate the beginning or founding. This is the very important event/day because it also reminiscing the past, celebrating the present and embracing the future of certain establishments or school. I must say this is the most celebrated and busiest day at school, aside from the examinations period. lol, This is also the enjoyable day of the school. There are lots of activities for the students to enjoy. One of the highlights of the event is the field demonstrations of the students in all grade level. And it is a competition, that is why everybody is doing their best, giving and showing what they got to prove to everyone that they are the best among the rest. Of course, it is a friendly competition.

Last Wednesday, the school where my nephews are studying celebrates their 43rd Foundation Day. My nephews are from Kinder and Grade Two level. I am so excited to see how my kinder nephew shows his talent in dancing.haha! It is his first time to join field demonstration and I wish him luck, well I wish the whole kinder students. I was not able to capture the nice photo of the nephew dancing because he is too far and we are not allowed to come near them. I just took photos before their performance and after.