Feeling like a choreographer

Two weeks from now, the nephew will be having their recognition day. The teacher held a meeting to all the parents to let the parents know of the plans for the coming recognition day. I was the one attending the meeting because my sister working. We were told that the kids will have dance presentation. One parent, volunteered to be the choreographer. However, when she told the teacher of the kind of dance the teacher did not like it. Because I wanted to help, I suggest a good song. The teacher likes it and told me if I could teach the kids as well. I was not able to respond right away because I am shocked!

Anyways, because the teacher asked me to teach the kids I made steps for the song I suggested. Now, I am their choreographer, well feeling like a real choreographer. This is not new to me though because I have teacher before, but this is the first time I’ll be teaching kids with ages 4, 5 and 6. It is really difficult because they are not listening, others do not like to dance, some are crying, having tantrum and some are playing. It really testing my patience, I am glad I have enough patience. I really hope, that they will participate so their dance number will be a good one.

The King and Queen of Hearts 2015

Last February 13, 2015 is the King and Queen of Hearts coronation day at the school where my nephew is enrolled. We are happy and excited because my nephew JC is the King of Hearts. Their teacher made a raffle. She lets the kids pick of what would be their place on the said event. And the nephew picked the King of Hearts title. Lucky kid I must say. My only worry is that the nephew is a shy type kid. I am not sure if he will participate well, or wear the attire of the king. They have dance presentation, and I am afraid the nephew will not participate.

The King and Queen of Hearts 2015 was a success. The nephew did well. Even if he is complaining that his Barong (top) is very itchy. Lol He is not that shy anymore but he is not smiling. I am sure that he is happy just that he doesn’t smile a lot. If you want him to smile, you have to pay billion pesos. Haha! He also dances with his partner, the Queen of Hearts. Being the King of Hearts is a wonderful experienced of the nephew, an experience that he would treasure and cherish as he grows older. Something that he could share to his family someday that once in his life he is a king.

The Love Month: Who is going to be my date?

First month of the year just bid goodbye. Here comes the month of February a.k.a the love month. I must say love is in the air this month because of Valentine’s Day, the day where lovers and couples are waiting for. I expect more heart stuffs, red stuffs, flowers, etc… display in the malls, stores, shops. And I hope to receive one this year.lol Well, my Valentine’s day last year is not bad at all because I did have a dinner date with my friend. My dearest friend Ada. We have been friends for more than a decade. And celebrating V’day with her is memorable. It is also our first time celebrates V’day together.

Anyways, I am looking forward to have dinner date again with my friend Ada this Valentine’s day. However, I got a message from her saying that she will be out-of-town for a month and she will be back on March. She is very busy at school. I felt sad because my only date is not available. Who will be my date? This is the question that enters my mind after reading Ada’s message to me. I hope there is someone there who would ask me for a date.LOL Well, I am used to celebrates V’day at home with the kids. They are my date this year. I will be spending this love month with the kids. But, I am still praying and hoping for a great surprise on V’day.

Top 10 finished is not bad at all

image not mine

The Philippine bet Mary Jean Lastimosa for Miss Universe 2014 beauty pageant failed to get the elusive crown and title. It is a bit frustrating for the Filipino people because she was the contestant to watch for. Yes, the country’s bet is a big threat because she has the beauty, brain, confident and queenly appearance. I watched the preliminary competition and I must say she nailed it. I really believed that she will bring home and crown and the third Miss Universe title for the country. However, she failed to enter the top five finalists. I am disappointed when the top five were announced.

Although the country’s very own Mary Jean Lastimosa did not make it to the top 5 finalist, she did make it to the top 10 semi-finalist. Top 10 finished is not bad at all. She did give a good fight and show to the universe what she got. She is a wasted beauty, as others are saying. But to me it is not a waste at all because being part of the top 10 is a great achievement knowing that there are 88 contestants competing for the Miss Universe crown. Anyways, congratulations Mary Jean Lastimosa the country and the people are so proud of you. In our hearts you are the real queen.

One year older

Yes! I am one year older yesterday. I am not getting any younger. Because it is Saturday, I do not have to wake up early. I take my time resting and get more sleep before starting my day. Though I am not thinking of doing any household chores because it is my day. I just have to sit down. My brother and SIL are there so no babysitting job for me too. After getting myself ready, I went to church to give thanks to the Lord for another year of life blessings. My sister accompanied me at the church. I went to the cathedral because the priest will blessed the birthday celebrants. I have not tried it before so I want to experience it.

Now that I am one year older I expect more pressure from the people around me. I am for sure that they will ask me the same questions before. I do not have any plans of answering them. I would just give my sweetest smile. haha! Anyways, I want to give thanks to the Lord for my family for always there for me, for my sister, friends, and for keeping me safe always. I wish good health for myself, happiness in life and hopefully love life this year.*wink