Always be ready at all times

We will never know what will happen next until it happens right in front of us. That is why in our day-to-day living, we should be ready always and be alert. We do not want bad things to happen to us and to anyone, however, accidents do happen no matter how careful we are. We have seen kinds of accidents/incidents in the water, air, land, and the likes. Extra careful is really needed. Every time I heard tragic accidents, I will always remembered my college professor told us that, “live your day as if it is your last”. It is really scary, but I try not to because I have faith in God for only Him knows what is in store for us in the future.

Just this week, another water incidents somewhere in Visayas. The boat carrying hundreds of passengers including the crew sunk. It is so sudden and I felt really sad for the family of the victims. The reach and rescue are still ongoing and they have recovered bodies of the passengers. Families are crying and mourning. And it really breaks my heart. I hope and pray that sooner they will be able to recover for their lost and to the survivor to be thankful for the another chance of life given by God. Rest in peace to the victims.

Hope he will get better soon

My father is not feeling so well. His arthritis is giving him so much pain now. His wrist is swelling, knee, ankle and shoulder is in pain. He can’t move the way he wants because his is in pain. He can’t walk straight and he hates it. My father is losing his patience I must say. We went to the doctor already and started taking the prescribed medicines. He even told me that he wants to cut-off his wrist. I felt so sorry for my father. I can’t blamed him is he wants he cut-off his wrist because he is in pain for almost a month now.

My father is taking five kinds of medicines for his uric acid, creatinine, lungs, kidney and pain reliever. I really hope that after a month it will have good results so that my father will be free from all the pain he is feeling now. If only I could take some of the pain. When the CT Stonogram is done, the doctor will give another medicines and hopefully the father will get better and better. He doesn’t want his condition now. I just comforted him saying that he is still blessed and lucky because he is not in the hospital, he is not on wheel chair and he is not in the ICU. I do hope that what I am saying is enough reason not to lose hope.

Cheers to all the fathers in the world

Today is father’s day. The day that we give honor to the man in our life, our fathers. A father has a very significant role in the family. They are the pillar of a home, the provider, the supporting ingredient to make the family grow stronger and the strength of the family. They are also called the breadwinner of the family. It is best to recognize their sacrifices and hard works to support the family. Also, giving salute to the father who does the works at home. The father whose wife is working and working abroad. A shifting role, I must say. A father role is not easy, and so it is right to give them recognition.

I am just sad today because my father is not well. He is in pain now due to gout arthritis. I wanted to treat him to the mall and buy him his favorite meal, but because of his condition we opted to stay at home. At his condition, it is best to have him rest well and get more sleep because he can’t sleep well at night. I pray that my father will be free from these pain and his health will get better soon. Anyways, happy father’s day to my father. Please know that I love you much even if I am not showy. We may argue at times, I love and care for you.

And to all the fathers in the world, happy father’s day. CHEERS!

Happy Wedding Anniversary

Today marks the 2nd wedding anniversary of my younger brother and his wife. We are happy that they are still together after all the trials and difficulties they have met in their first year of marriage. Yes, their marriage is not perfect because of the kind of trials that come their way but by the power of the love they have for each other, they overcome it. They commit mistakes, asking forgiveness and decided to start over again. Their marriage life was not an easy road to travel but they slowly coping it up. And we are so happy for them.

On their 2nd year of being together, I wish them all the best and happiness in life. I wish that they will be more prayerful and always put God in the center of their marriage so that when trials and difficulties knocks on their door, they are strength to fight back and cut those things that will try to ruined their happy married life. Too bad they live far from us, we can’t celebrate with them and can’t greet them personally. Even though, we are sending them message with our greetings and wish. I also wish that no more tears, quarrels and fighting. Happy Wedding Anniversary brother and SIL. God bless your marriage always!

Telling her my high school experiences

My niece is now in Grade 7 (intermediate level, high school). She will be in new environment, new people to meet and meeting new sets of friends. She is very much excited with her new school uniforms and her new school. I am pretty sure that my niece will have a wonderful experience as she is in her third level of education. They say that high school life in the wonderful life of being a student. It is exciting and challenging level of a student life I must say for you will be experiencing the best and the worse of it. The key is stay focus and embrace every challenges with a smile.

The niece is very open telling me about the happenings at school. She is like a reporter telling me everything when she arrives home from school. I am flattered because she is telling me everything. I can sense that she is enjoying her high school life, though it is too early to tell because classes has just started. More experiences to come her way. Since she is telling me everything, I also told her my high school experiences. I am telling her the best and the worse for her to have an idea if the same situation happens to her. I am sharing it to make her aware so when the worse happens, she is ready to face it. I wish the niece good luck and hope for the best!