First preliminary examination went well

The first preliminary examination of my nephew at school went well. Out of five examinations he got three perfect score. Seeing the results of his examinations surprises us because we are not expecting it really because he is not paying attention when we study his lessons. Even during the day and night before the examination, he is not concentrating much. He always says that he is tired and wanted to watch his favorite cartoon shows. We did a lot of motivation for him to focus on studying because we want him to get high score. Though his daily quizzes and exercises are pretty high so we are confident that he will do good.

Our sacrifices and efforts for him paid well because his examinations went really well. We are very happy and proud of him because we are not expecting that he will get perfect score. Though it is still early to tell, I can say that my nephew is an intelligent kid just like his mother. We hope that he will continue to do well at school. Also hope that he will develop study habit so he will be so ready when we transferred his to the school where his mother wants him to study. It is a long way to go nephew. Be good and study your lessons well. Good luck!

My new pet

It has been three years since I lost my first ever pet. I named my first dog Jasper. He was a very lovely dog but for some reason, I have to decide what is best for him. It was a very difficult decision to make because Jasper is part of the family. He is with the family for eight years. After losing Jasper, I never thought of getting another pet because I do not want to experience the same problem and force to make a very difficult decision. A friend asked me If I want a poodle two years ago but I said no.

Two months ago, the same friend asked me if I want a dog. And I said yes! I want a new dog to pet in the house. Having pet is a good stress reliever. Two weeks ago, she gave to me the dog that she promised. I named him Almond. Almond because his mother is Hershey. They are family of chocolates.LOL My Almond is mixed breed of Dutchan and Japanese Pitch. Very cute puppy and playful. I hope that this puppy will stay longer with us and no serious problem that will make me decide to giving him up like what I did to Jasper.

Her 12th Birthday

My niece Nana turns 12 yesterday. I still can’t believe that she is getting older and taller. Her 12th birthday celebration is a simple one. We just had simple dinner at home with two invited family friends. Her father cooked her favorite foods. It was her first ever birthday celebration without care and ice cream. It is because she is still taking medicines. The doctor said that she is not allowed to eat cakes, chocolates, ice cream and many more while she is in medication. Of course she does not like it, but it is her fault. We rushed her to the hospital last Sunday due to severe stomach pain and vomiting.

The celebration is still memorable because she got a surprised present from her mommy (her aunt, my older sister). We wish her well, good health, happy life, and be a responsible human being. I told her that she is not getting any younger. It is the time to be responsible at home as well. No more playing outside, instead do some household chores at home. I got a frowning face from her and I am not affected because I am used to it. Whether she like it or not, I will still teach her to do household chores and act like a lady. Hopefully she will cooperate because if she will not, she will get what she deserves. haha!

Again, Happy Birthday to my niece I pray for more birthdays to come. Love you!

Five celebrants this month

July is one of the important months in the family. It is because five members of the family will be celebrating their birthday. My brother will turn 40 on the 16th, the SIL will turn 28 on the 12th, nephew will turn 6 on the 18th, niece will turn 12 on the 22nd and another SIL will turn 43 on the 28th. We are all waiting for this month because for sure their would be a big celebration. The family is planning to have one celebrations for the five celebrants. And it will be on the 18th, the birthday of the nephew. It would be a wonderful celebrations for the family.

We are all excited for this event. The first plan was to celebrate their birthdays at the beach since we love going to the beach a lot especially the kids. We will be staying their overnight. However, the plan changed due to unexpected thing. Yes, we are sad but family come first before anything else. Besides we can still celebrate their birthdays at home. Celebrating at home is more practical I guess, and fun for sure. We can do many things like doing sing-a-long, maybe watching movies, dancing or playing cards (lol). Anyways, to the celebrants, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL OF YOU. May the Lord God showers you with lots of blessings, good health, happy life

The microphone is useful again

The sister who is a teacher is using microphone in her class so that the class hear the lesson very well. She is not using microphone before but her throat is aching and it feels like swelling. The doctor is advising her not to talk much or shout because it is not good to hear throat. And so the sister decided to use microphone instead. Few days ago, the microphone is not working. Good thing the older brother is an electrician. After checking it, he just told the sister to buy xlr adapters and the microphone will be useful again. The sister is happy now. Big thanks to our skilled older brother.