To make it more elegant

One thing that I am into now is making our table elegant. Every time we have occasion at home, I see to it that the tables looks great and elegant. Right now I am thinking of beautiful table arrangement for the fiesta celebration in our village. I search for great table arrangements. I have an idea now, I just have to buy Runners at to make the table more elegant. Our fiesta celebration is definitely be a great one. The elegant table arrangement would make the invited relatives and friends feel special.

Badly needed a day off

I do not work in the company. I stay at home 24/7 except if I have an important appointment in the city. I take care of the house, my father, and my siblings kids, and the likes. Some says that I am no career woman. And the degree that I have finished is useless because I did not able to practice it. I am hurt but not angry because it is the truth and I respect their opinions. I may not be working in the company but the job that I did at home is no joke. It is tiring too and stressful too. But I am okay with it because this is my choice.

Serving the family is my happiness. Though there are times that I am complaining because I feel they are being insensitive of my feelings. Even if I am just at home, it is tiring too. Doing the same thing over again is stressful. Plus to rest day. I badly needed to unwind, relax and rest even just for a day. I am saying this now because lately I feel so tired. I want to rest and take a day off now. Away from the kids, house chores and etc. I only think of pampering myself. I really hope that I could take a day off this weekend.

Love to own one in the future

I am dreaming to have my guitar in the future for years already. I have not buy one yet because it is not in my top priority list. There are other things that I need to buy first. Also, I need to save first because I want to own this gretsch duo jet. It may take longer time of saving but it is worth it because this instrument is awesome. I would love to give myself a present like this in the future. I am crossing my fingers to this.

Brokenhearted but fine

My brother is in a relationship for almost a year. He met the girl in his city where he is presently working. We have heard so much good things about her through my brother. We have not meet her for real yet. We were excited to meet her personally but our excitement killed because she go back home to her province. Maybe it is not the time yet to meet her. The brother told us that he will be going to his girlfriend’s province to finally meet her family and ask for permission to marry her. We thought that all is doing well.

The brother did not stay long in her province because of his job. They agreed that the girl will be back in the city in a month. We thought that everything went well. We keep on asking the brother of when will be his girlfriend arrived because we are so eager to meet her. Unfortunately, the girl did not contacted him. She is like gone with the wind. I felt so sorry for my brother. I guess that the girl is not sincere or not ready yet to enter in the married life. Yes, my brother is brokenhearted but fine because we comforted him and talk to him that every thing will be all right and he will meet the right girl for him.

Shelf to put all my books

I have lots of books at home. I just put it inside the box. When I feel like reading, I just look one book that I will read inside the box. If only I have a shelf, I do not need to dig in the box every time I am looking for a certain books or when the nieces and nephews need one for reference. I want to have a shelf that is made of cherry veneer wood. My brother knows how to make a shelf. I will ask him if he could make one for me. When he will say yes, I will soon buy the materials needed.