Not allowed to stay anymore

The three months grace periods of allowing the parents to stay inside the classroom is over. The teacher announce lastFriday that parents are not allowed anymore to stay inside the classroom so the kids will learn to be independent. Some parents are worried because they can’t leave their kids for it will surely cry. They can’t leave their kids just yet for they want to look if they kid/s are doing the activity, to see if their kids are well-behave, and their kids knows what to do like to get the notebooks, going to the bathroom and to wash their hands at recess time. I do understand the parents because I can’t leave my nephew just yet, but we have to accept it for the kids sake.

I am confident to leave my nephew though for it will not cry as long as he can still see me. My concern is that the nephew is lack of focus and concentration. He will for sure not going to listen to his teacher because he likes to roam around the classroom and play with the toys there. He has tantrums too if he can’t get what he wants. That worries me much. I am confident though that the teacher will do her duties to control the kids and has the patience in handling different kids of kids behavior. Goodluck to my nephew. I pray they he will do good without my supervision and will participate in their writing activity at school.

The best destination for musical instruments

I must say that shopping is fun and I like doing it. As much as possible I want to shop at a store where everything is. When my brother shared to me that he is looking for some musical parts I immediately search online for the best destination. Luckily I found the musicianfriend’s musical friends. It is indeed the best destination of musical instruments and parts. They have all that you need. I do not have to go out of the house because I can do shopping at home. No hassle, less tiring, not much time consumed and fun too.

First two weeks at school

I have mentioned in my other post that my three (3) year old nephew is now at preschool just like his older brother. We decided to do it at a young age so the nephew will develop social awareness at a young age. Also for him to be able to communicate with other kids. My nephew is very poor in communication. He is exposed to television and playing with gadgets. We admit it is our fault. We almost brought him to the developmental pediatrician but decided to send him to school and see if there is development. If none, we will pursue going to developmental pediatrician.

Anyways, my nephew’s first two weeks is tiring. I can’t force him to just sit down and focus because he likes to run and walk around the classroom. He is like a supervisor in their class.haha! But in all fairness he does take part in their class when I tell him. He writes but his own, I must he mastered the cobweb kind of writing.haha He also put colors on their drawing activity. So far the nephew is doing good. And recognized colors during their color identification oral participation. I do really hope that he will develop more and start to do conversation with his classmates. Good job Andrei for sure you will make us all proud.

Teaching her how to iron her school uniforms

My niece is growing so fast. I can’t believe that she is turning 13 next month. And this means one thing, I am getting older and older.LOL! Anyways, now that she is growing older I always reminded her to be a responsible human being. I never forget to tell to be a good role model to her younger siblings. As much as possible I want her to be a good example. That is why I am giving her chores at home. Also told her to reduce playing outside because she is now a teenager. She should stay at home and help her parents in doing household chores. It is not easy to teach her because she likes to play and stay outside to be with her friends.

Our latest lesson this week is teaching her how to iron her school uniforms. At first she did not like it but I told her that no one will do it for her. She has to know how to iron her uniforms. And she can’t be dependent to her parents all the time. She has to learn doing her stuffs so that when her parents is not around, she can do it on her own. My way of convincing her is telling her our life back then. I told her that I learn doing these stuffs because my mother (her grandmother) died when I was nine (9). Telling my experiences in the past does help me convincing her. Hopefully my niece will grow up a very responsible person.

Successfully added new card

Three years ago I made a mistake in adding my debit card to my PayPal account. It cost me a lot to apply for another card because my existing account is void because I deleted it after adding the replacement card. It was my first time then and I did not ask from my blogger friends of what to do. I just follow the instruction online. It was the mistake that I regret a lot. I should have ask help from blogger friends who is ahead of me of what to do in adding a replacement card. Though it was a bad experience I learned a lot from that mistake and promise to not commit the same mistake again.

Now my card is three years already and it is time to get a replacement. I surrender the old card to my bank to get a new one. After getting the new card, I did not add it yet. I seek help from blogger friends but I doubted it because it seems like I am doing the same things three years ago. I am so scared to do it by myself. Good thing I have a friend who is an expert I must say for she has blogged for years. I asked for help and she help me in adding my card. In fact she is the one adding it to my PayPal account and it is successfully added. Thank you very much GAGAY for the help. God bless you more.