Music Hero Segment

I am one of the avid fan of the longest running noontime show in the country. I like the show very much because their segments and contests are unique. They really do research on every segment that they have. They make sure that audiences will enjoy and say wow. One of their newest segment is the Music Hero, where they are looking for young musicians under 12 years old. It is amazing to see young ones playing musical instruments. One contestant brought conn trumpet. He plays the trumpet very well. Truly a talented boy. I wish I am talented like them too.

Happy to see the development

The nephew started schooling at the age of three. He started very young because his mother wants him to be with other kids because he is lack in human interaction. We already brought him to the pediatrician because of his slow development. At his age, he cannot speak well and he can’t do eye to eye contact. My sister (nephew’s mom) is so worried of the behavior of his son. Even if I told her that his son is normal, just that his developments are slow still she is worried. She went to the developmental pediatrician to have his son check up. They already have an appointment but I refused to bring the nephew there. Instead I suggested to enroll the nephew in the nursery class.

It has been three months now since the nephew attending a nursery class. First two months is really difficult but I extended my patience and praying that my nephew will show developments now that he can interact with other kids. Fortunately the nephew shows developments and I am happy to see it. He can communicate to us now and will answer when he asked. I am so glad that he is improving. We do not have to bring him to the developmental pediatrician. I hope that the development and improvement of the nephew will continue so he will be ready when enrolled in kindergarten next year. Way to go nephew I know and believe that you can do it.

Start buying things a their home

The brother moved out of the house for months now. He s starting his own family and starts buying things at their home. He is done buying furniture stuffs. Now he is investing on their sounds system. Knowing my brother,he would surely buy the best sound system for their home. And to make it more fun my brother wants to add the irig keys to their sound system. He will just download his favorite songs in the USB and he can listen to it anytime at home.

Thanks for another year of life

The youngest sibling in the family turns 33 last September 2. Unfortunately, we were not able to go because kids have classes not like last year. This is the advantage of living very far from us. Because we can’t be with him on his birthday, we just greeted him on Facebook, made a call and send text messages. I am happy seeing the photos shared by my brother’s wife on Facebook. I must say that his birthday was a memorable one even without us. The brother spent his birthday with his in-laws and that is enough to be happy and thankful knowing there is someone they’re celebrating with him. Making him feel special and loved. Big thank you to my SIL for making her husband’s (my brother) birthday extra special.

This weekend my brother will be visiting us to have his post birthday celebration with us. We are so excited because the family will surely complete and it would be a wonderful bonding and celebration. Anyways, before I forgot I want to extend my birthday greeting for my brother. I wish him good health, happy life, long life and more blessings to come. I thank God for another year of my brother’s life. Lastly, I pray that God will continue to bless him and his family always. Guide them and keep them safe always. Again, happy birthday brother. May you have more birthdays to come. *hugs and kisses*

Thanks God the niece is getting better

Last week my niece brought to the hospital because of high fever. She has suffered from high fever for four days already. We tried to medicate her at home but her condition is getting worse. Because the city is in dengue outbreak, we decided to bring her to the doctor to have her checked. At the hospital the doctor told us that she is infected my dengue fever. We re panicking to be honest after hearing it because there are lots of dengue fever victims in the city. We thought of the worse thing happen after knowing that the niece platelet counts are decreasing to 60.

The supposed to be a check up was end into admission. We want to make sure that the niece is monitored well. And being in the hospital is the safest place for her. My brother is so worried of the condition of her daughter when the platelet counts went down to 14 and undergo blood transfusion. We are worried and panicked but did not lose hope that the niece will get better soon. We prayed a lot and gave her medicines and herbal medicine that will help in increasing her platelet. After five days the niece is getting better and was discharge in the hospital. We are so thankful to God for He hears our prayers. Thank you God for always with us and for the healing of the niece.