Looking at the blue sky

I am tired and sleepy today. Seems like my yes has its own life because I cannot keep it open. I am browsing on the internet when I feel that my eyes close. haha! I must not close my eyes because the kids are wide awake. I have to keep myself awake to watch the kids that are busy making a mess in the living room. They are playing, fighting and running around the house. Looking at the screen of my laptop makes me more sleepy. I decided to go out for a while and be with the kids who are playing at the terrace.

While sitting at the terrace, I noticed that the sky is so blue. Wow! It has been days that I haven’t seen the blue sky because of the rain. I love watching the sky because I can picture out lots of images by just looking at it. I feel I am an artist looking at the skies. Added to that is the awesome blue color. It is indeed good to go out and see the beauty of nature Also, looking at the blue sky from above takes away the tired and sleepy mood this morning. Good idea also in releasing stress. Now I have found new way of releasing the bad mood.

Do you feel the same thing sometimes? Try to do what I did and see if it works for you because it works for me.

Dining out with the family

It has been a while since the last time I treated my family for dinner. I am having problems financially for the past months because my online kinds of stuff becoming slow. I preferred to save than to spend. It is not good to spend much when the income is very slow and low. I am in a panic a bit online blogging is my bread and butter. I do not know where to get money to pay my bills if then earning online will be gone. I even thought of finding a job in the city. Good thing my online earning/blogging is back to normal now. I can say it is back on track.

My online earning is back on track, I earned more than I expected. I have save some in my wallet. Because I have extra, I have thought of treating the family to dinner last weekend. We went to the wake of a family friend but before going there, I decided for us to have dinner first at our favorite fast food chain. It feels really good to be able to treat the family. Seeing them smiling and savoring their favorite meal is a joy in my heart. I am so happy that I am able to share to my family the earning I have online. Thanks to God for the blessings as always!

How to stop her from playing

My niece is 14 years old now. She is getting bigger and taller, taller than me to be exact. I am happy that is growing faster but I am sad because she still likes to play with kids. I have done my best to stop her from playing because it is not good to look at. Her playmates are smaller than her. She is in high school and her playmates are grade school. I discourage her to stop her from playing but it does not work. She even likes to play more. She likes to play with kids younger than her than kids at her age.

I give her new responsibilities at home to divert her from playing but it does not. I told her parents about this and they just told me to let her do what she likes, one day she will stop on her own will. When will that day come?? The question that only the time can answer, and worse, it is not sure if it is sooner or later. I really hope that the niece will realize sooner. When I was at her age, I already know how to cook, do the laundry, clean the house and do household chores. Things that I want the niece to do, but no cooperation from her parents. If only I am her mother.LOL Well, I will just give her time and let her enjoy.

New schedule of household chores

I started giving the girls assignments at home two years ago. I wanted them to help in doing the chores at home at early age so that they will grow being a responsible person. It was not easy teaching them because they are not paying attention then. All they wanted to do is to go outside and play with their friends. I just told them that they are allowed to go outside and play only when they are done doing the chores I assigned to them. So instead of complaining they do the chores assigned to them so they can play with their friends.

They have been doing well with the chores assigned to them. I have helpers at home. They have been doing the same chores for a while now and I thought of doing some changes. I will make new schedule of household chores because the kids are getting at school especially the niece who is graduating from elementary. Also, I would like to make new assignments for them so they won’t get bored doing the same chores. It would be new assignments, new chores and new obligations. When I am done with the scheduling I will let the girls know right away. I hope it is fine with them and I hope they find it more interesting and challenging.

Slowly getting better

My father is not well. He has been sick since August last year. We brought him to the hospital twice before he agreed to undergo dialysis. It was the saddest point in our life. We have lots of why and how in our minds, but we offer it all to God. I know that He will always there for us and He will give us the strength to go on with life and to carry the trials that we are facing right now. We have accepted and embraced the condition of our father. We will always be there for him and will help him until the end. It is not easy, but with positive minds we know we can handle everything with smiles on our faces.

After six (6) months of dialysis therapy, my father is slowly getting better. We have been praying for him to get better and regain the strength so he can walk again. We felt his frustration every time he is trying to stand up and cannot do it alone because he is so weak. If only we can do something to bring back the life he used to have. To bring back the smile on his face and bring back the bubbly father we have. We are glad that the father nos is slowly getting better. We prayed for it a lot. Hopefully, he will fully recover soon. We wanted to see him walk again.