Due to water interruption

Yesterday, I woke up early because I am planning to do my laundry. I have load of laundry again because I did not able to finish it because my sister gave birth and I am assisting her. So I have loads of laundry to do after I got home. I woke up early so I finish early too only to find out that there is no water. Yes, we have water interruption yesterday. I am angry because there is no notice that there will be a water interruption. It ruined my day yesterday I must say. I did not fill our container with water.

I got bored waiting for the water to come back but it did not. It was 3:00 in the after and still no water. Since I can’t do my laundry I have to do something to make my day fruitful. I am looking at the four corners of our home and think of something to do. Then I decided to clean my room. It’s not that dirty, just that I think I need to make some changes in my room. While cleaning, I noticed that the closet and the drawer is messy. Well, my nephews and nieces doings because they like to stay in my room. My day yesterday went fruitful, it is like making something out of nothing. In a way I am thankful to water interruption. Now my room is less messy.

Thank you Lord for the safe delivery

Today my sister delivered a healthy baby girl under C-Section. Last minute the sister is so worried and nervous. She did not know why she just felt it when they are on their way to the hospital. Maybe because she knows what’s going to happen. It is her third time to deliver a baby via C-Section, so I guess her worries and nervous comes from that thought also she keeps on saying that she is old. She is scary because of her age. haha! As her sister and her best friend, I am always here to give my comforting advice. I am making sure that I give the advice that would make her feel relax. Well, I just happen to know how to make her feel relax and okay.

Anyways, this post is for God for the safe delivery and operation of my sister. Thank you Lord for always there to guide her, protect her and answering her prayers and wishes. My sister is now recovering, I pray that she will recover fast so she can drink water and eat solids too. She is complaining earlier that she is so thirsty and hungry, but she has to endure it for her safety. The funny thing is that she wakes up and said she dreamed of lots of foods and water in front of her.haha! Be patient sister, foods and water will always be there waiting for her. Recover fast and God bless!

She sure is the sweetest

Every Friday is my schedule of doing my laundry. But because I am not feeling well I did not able to do my laundry. It makes me sad seeing my loads of laundry but I am so weak to do it. I decided to my laundry this week. Yesterday when the niece is doing her laundry, I asked her if she could include my jeans to lighten up my laundry. I was not expecting her to say yes because I have asked her before already but she said no. I am just testing her yesterday. And I am surprised that she said yes. And told me that she will do all my laundry.

I am the happiest aunt I must say because of my niece gesture. She sure is the sweetest, though most of the time she is stubborn.haha! I can say that she is becoming more responsible now and I can count on her. I rest well yesterday, also stress free because my laundry is done. Big thanks to my niece for helping me doing my laundry. I hope that she will become more responsible daughter, niece, big sister to her siblings so that her parents will be so happy that we raised a good child. Keep up the good works niece, you’re making me so proud of you. Be good and hope stubbornness will be gone for good.

Thank you teachers

Today is the celebration of Teacher’s Day. The day where we give tribute to all the teachers for their job of educating the future generation. It is a noble and tough job I must say for they handle all kinds of kids with different behaviors, also kids with disability. Teachers played very important part in molding the kids into a better person. As they say, teachers are our second parents and school is our second home. And it is right to give them a day of tribute for the job well done. And to make them feel they are loved and we all are thankful for them for teaching, loving and caring us while at school.

Having said that, I want to say my warmest thanks to all the teachers for they have played big part of my life. My mother died when I was nine (9) and I am longing for the love and care of a mother which I find it to all my teachers. I look at them as my own mother. So I strive hard, do better and do all the best that I can so I can achieve my goals and dreams in life. My teachers mold me to become a better person, but of course my family as my inspiration. So, thank you teachers for all the teachings and help. God bless you all!

Always Bring Identification Card

My brothers, cousin, SIL and nephew are now traveling on vessel on their way to the province of our grandparents. They were so excited because they will be able to meet our relatives who lives there and relatives from other parts of the country because of important matters. Yes, my brothers and cousin are traveling because they have business to do on the land of our grandparents that is for sale. Since my mother is dead, my older brother is representing her. The younger brother is joining because he wanted his wife and son to have a bit bonding too and for them to meet other relatives.

Their travel encountered problem because the brother did not bring his Identification card. The ticketing outlet is only give tickets to those who have ID’s for safety reason. The younger brother giving up and just decided to go back, but the older brother finds a way to produced an ID card. Now they are boarding on the vessel on their way to Bohol. The younger brother learned a lesson of what happened. It is really important to always bring your ID card wherever you go for you might need it in an unexpected moment.

Anyways, thanks God all went well. I hope that they will have safe travel and will arrive safely. And come back home safe. God bless!