Planning for father’s 70th birthday

My father will turn 70 on April. We are planning to give him a nice birthday party. Actually it is my SIL’s idea. She wants the special day of our father a memorable and an event that my father will treasure. She wanted to surprise my father about the birthday. She is asking of my idea, however, I cannot give her anything since I haven’t plan an event like that. I just told her to do the same when they were celebrating the 60th birthday of her mother. It is really a nice idea. How nice of her of the that thought.

We talked about the plan already, the first would be the flow of the program at the party. Who will be our invited guests, the motif if there is any, printed t-shirt with father’s name on it, invited relatives, and friend of father. When everything is finalize we will then of the perfect venue of the father’s birthday party. We have lots of places on our list like overnight at the pool, since my father likes to celebrate his birthday at the pool with the family, dinner at the function hall near the village, day tour at the beach, or simple dinner at home. But since father will turn 70, we want it to be special, and to surprise him. We have enough time to finalized everything, hopefully we pick the perfect venue for the big event of my father’s life.

Because I dream to become a DJ

I felt in love with the lovely voices of the DJ’s I heard on the radio. They have this wonderful voice that is so nice to hear. I once visited a radio station and dreaming to be a DJ one day. Unfortunately it did not happen for I do not have the kind of voice DJ’s have to possess. But still I can do it at home, all I have to buy is this musicians friend technics sl-1200mk2 and add this to the instruments I have at home. Since I am planning to have music room at home, this will surely complete the room and my dream to become a DJ will come true.

Another year of wonderful journey

Just this week, I celebrated my birthday. I am so happy that God give me another year of wonderful journey of life. There is nothing more I can ask for because I am truly blessed with the love of my family, friends, and good health. The celebration was simple. I just prepared the favorite foods that my family likes. Unfortunately my two brothers did not able to come to celebrate with me for some reason. I do understand it. Still happy because they did not forget to greet me on my special day. It means they remember my special day and it shows that they love and care for me.

Also, I would like to say thank you to God for the gift of life. Big thanks for another year of my life. My years is a wonderful journey though sometimes I encountered trials and difficulties, but I am able to overcome it with the help and support of my family, also for the strength that God has given me and my faith in Him. I wish to have many more birthdays to come, good health and complete family. Thank you God for this life. I also want to say thank you to my family for always been there for me. Thank you for the love and care. I love you all!

An offer you should not miss

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Simple Family Gathering

Our first day of the year as very memorable to us because we started with simple family gathering. We went to the house of my aunt and uncle to celebrate new year’s day with them together with our other relatives. It was a blast because we shared our favorite foods, sing-a-long, laughed a lot and many others. We haven’t done this for quiet awhile because we got busy and some other relatives has misunderstanding. It is not good to conduct family gathering when other relatives is not in good terms (ahhmmm….I am one of them). Well, one thing is for sure, I did not start it.haha!

I am glad that my father, aunts, and uncle decided to have a family gathering last January 1, 2017. We did have a great family bonding. It feels really good to see everybody smiling and no quarrels. I must say that it is so wonderful to start the year with joy, love, and peace with your family and relatives and then to the community. I am also relieved that the misunderstanding and issues I had with my cousin for six long years is now finally over. We can move on with our life without no hurt feelings. Thanks to my family, relatives, especially to God for this wonderful day. Happy New Year everyone!