Education as a Tool…

One of the responsibility as a parent is to send their children to school.  A very important thing a parent should do so that their children will have a better future.  Education is very important to each and everyone of us.  This is the only thing that no one can take it away from us.  One thing that we can be proud of because not everyone is give  the chance to go to school.  Others do not value this things because they did not put in their hearts the importance of having a good and complete educational background. 

Education is a big tool to bring us to a place where we want to be and be a successful human beings.  After all the hardships and struggle to finish school, we will be rewarded with good knowledge.  A knowledge that will be our weapon in a journey of life.  A new chapter in our life where we can make our goals, dreams, and ambitions in life come into reality.  With complete education, we are fully equipped with things that will us to a life of our dreams.  Slowly making our plans and will have the will to make it come true.  No matter what happened it will remain in us forever.  We can bring it anywhere we go and be proud to have it for we work hard to achieve it . And we owe it to our parents for their undying support and love for us. 

Soon to be a Mommy….

Last four months ago, my sister got married.  I am so sad because I am losing my only sister, but at the same time happy for she find someone whom she share her life with and someone she love and love her.  I do have sleepless night because I missed her for we used to be sleep in the same room.  I missed the night when we are talking anything until we fall asleep.  Those were the days when she is still single.

Last month she told me she is pregnant, i am so happy for her because she wants a baby.  Before she is worried because she thinks she is old and it would be difficult to get pregnant.  Now her worries are all gone, because soon she will be a mommy.  I can see it in her eyes she is very happy and excited, always wants to see me and want me to eat with her.  She told me that every time she has a doctor appointment I will go with her, which makes me more excited.  I can say that I am always updated by her pregnancy.

Her expected due date is early next year.  We am looking forward to it, that will be the happiest moment of her life.  To give birth to her baby and be called mommy.  I wish her all the best, healthy and happy pregnancy. And also a happy life for her, together with her family.

Never a Quitter….

Our life is what we make it.  It depends on our goals, dreams and ambitions in life.  For us to have a good outlook in life, we have to base our day to day living with this three things.  To have this as our basis, we will have for sure a better life ahead for we live our life the way we wanted it.  As much as possible we will think only of positive things for us to continue the struggle in life.  We can’t deny that along with that positive things, there is negative things that makes us weak and wants to give up. 

Life is never easy, for we have to face lots of trials and difficulties.  This things will test how strong we are and how much we can hold on to our goals, dreams and ambitions.  It will test also our will to make these things come true and put into reality.  Negative thoughts makes us hesitant to go forward.  Sometimes we lose concentration because of the these trials and difficulties that comes in our way that makes us weak.  The good thing we have to do is to stay focus and never lose faith in God.  God will never gives us things that we cannot carry.  He gives us trials because He wants to make sure how strong our beliefs is.  Along with these trials and difficulties, God is always there watching us to lift us up when we are about to give up.  Remember God is always with so, do not quit.  Never be a quitter will lead us to where we want to be.  Good luck!

Unsung Writer…..

Writing is one of my passions in life.  I always write in  a piece of paper what I felt in everyday of my life.  I feel that by writing, I can be me and I can express what I felt inside.  Writing makes me feel I am free and I can be me.  I can share through writing my ideas and thoughts.  I find it easy to tell what is in my heart and I can be able to express the things that I want to keep it just by myself.  When I am not comfortable to tell it to someone else, I put it in writing.  I do have diary before but someone reads it and I lost the interest of having a new one.

I am so happy that my friend introduced to me this blogging career.  Wherein I can practice, express and share my hobbies in writing.  I will be able to enhance my talent in writing and at the same time I am earning.  I am interested in it, so I give it a try and be able to share what is in my thoughts.  I find it very exciting and enjoyable, being able to write my daily activities, experiences and my life.  Never would I thought I can be as open as this knowing that anybody can read it.  But I felt fulfilled and feeling like a true writer if I am able to touch my readers heart while they are reading my article.  I really like doing it, so I will succeed and find fulfillment in here.