Child Abuse…..

Children lives what they learned. We all know that the first school we entered is our own house. And our first teachers are our parents. The person that molds us from infant till we grow a little mature. But it is very sad to know that some parents do hurt their kids when they get angry. Parents quarreled kids do suffer with this kind of situation. They are prone to be a disturbed child, for their minds are disturbed by what is happening inside their house. They sometimes be the problem child. The things that they cannot do inside their house, they will do it outside. Bullied their own classmates or other kids.

Parents do abuse their kids because of the trials they have encountered in their life. Too much for them to handle and they think that their kids are adding to this burden. Irresponsible parenthood they are. To escape from this kind of life, they do abandoned their family. Better live alone and away from the responsibilities as a parent. Hurting words to their kids will make them feel they are not love. Abused by the words their parents told them. Others do abuse their kids by the used hitting them and even put them in dark corner. They do not have any idea how these things will affect the behavior and the life of their kids. This hurtful truth is really happening in our society. Hopefully parents will do realize that there is a big impact to their kids if they do these things. Children are the hope of the nation, and the hope of their family.

Choose Your Battles…

Each of us has different battles in life that we have to overcome and surpass.  We have battles about life, family, friends, environment, people around us and trials in life.  There will be times when we are losing temper makes us freak out because it is too heavy to handle.  Giving up is the first thing in our mind that will appear.   And we rather stop trying and do not try to keep it going.  These are the things that will test ourselves from doing and achieving what we really want in life.  There maybe time when we lose control and confront or fights others.  We get into arguments, which leaves everyone irritable.  Which is not very good because it will be very stressful for us. 

If you choose your battles wisely, you will know how to handle everything.  You will find in yourself the courage to fight and do your best to win it.  Choose a battle that is very challenging to you.  That will surely mold you into a better and stronger person.  Choose what is very important to you, because it will be more effective to fight and you will surely have a big chance of winning it.  Stand up and be proud of yourself because you are able to succeed in those battles.

Leave The Past Behind…

When a relationship ends, we are in a situation wherein we do not know what to do.  We sometimes looking for something we do not know.  Do not want to talk, just stay in the room and have a quiet moment to think.  We find it hard to understand what was going on.  Why did it end so soon.  Whether it is good or a bad break up, it cuts so deep in our heart.  Wounded heart that will be healed in due time.

In a situation like this, we have to leave the past behind.  We have to move on and get a life.  Start a new life because life must go on.  We may find it hard to let go the memories but that is the best thing to do for us to move forward.  Although that past will remain in our heart and in our mind it hurts sometimes to think about it.  Be with the place that you used to go with that someone you love also helps for us to move on.  Its like making your memories alone in the same  place.  It is a good feeling to be alone sometimes and think of your life.  A life ahead of us.  A life that is free from a possible pain if ever someone love us and leave us.  People come and people go, just be ready to let it go when that time comes.  And leave the past behind to move on with your life.


People are so mean sometimes.  They love to criticize others, and look for the bad and negative side.  They love to do that make you feel like little less of a person.  Every time you do something, they will make you feel like is not right.  To them you are not doing the right thing.  It sometimes makes us angry and losses our temper for what they are doing to us.  They think it is funny if they do criticize others.  There are two kind of criticism, the positive and the negative one.  Most of the time we heard negative rather than the positive side.  Because it is easy to find the negative.  It is not hard to find the things that are not pleasant to their ears and eyes.  Plus, when we say criticize it is more of the negative side. 

To avoid this kind of feeling there is a right way of dealing criticism.  Be appreciative, because through their criticism it make us a better and stronger person.  Avoid getting defensive, accept what they say and never argue.    Because it will make you look guilty of the criticism.  Make it as a basis to do it better next time.  Fighting to a person who criticize you is a waste of time and energy.  The best way to respond to a criticism is to simply say: ” Thanks for the feedback”.

A Simple Hug…

I have been babysitting my nieces for almost 7 years now. I love doing it because I do love kids. The 2 niece I have been taking care of, it added a new one. My lovable nephew who always laugh every time he sees me coming. Even though I am very tired of babysitting 3 kids at the same time, I am happy looking at them grow up in my hands and care. I am doing it for free because they are my brother’s kids. I do love them a lot, even asking my brother to give it to me my nephew. Funny but it is true, since I am the one taking care of them for years I want to have at least one of them.

Now that they are grown a little. My 2 nieces do always fight with each other, kids are kids as they say. It makes me irritated because I have my baby nephew to carry plus the 2 nieces who are fighting. Sometimes I cannot handle the irritation I used my stick to spank their but to make them stop. After doing it, they come near to me and give me a hug. It touches my heart, I felt I am a bad babysitter. No matter how hard I spank them, they still come to me and hug me. I felt their love and their way of saying sorry to me is through hug. It hit my conscience but I have to do it to tell them I am not happy with what they are doing. In a way I am disciplining them. I am doing it because I love them and I want to love each other. Grow old as best of friends.