Relieve from Pain…

For the past two days I am in pain because of the urinary tract infection.  It is really painful and made me want to cry.  As I do not want to take antibiotics, I keep on drinking lots and lots of water.  I am glad that the pain slowly gone last night.  When I woke up this morning I feel no pain anymore and I am very happy.  A big thanks to my sister’s friend who is a nurse who told us to drink lots of water.  Water therapy do help me ease the pain I felt. 

From now on, I will not eat salty foods especially junk foods.  Even if it is my favorite I have to avoid it for my own good.  I can’t afford to have the it again.  It is painful to the point of I do not know what to do.  I do not want to put myself in danger so I better stop eating those kind of foods.  Prevention is better than cure.  As I am browsing reading about urinary tract infection and the cause and effect of it.  Makes me more scared because I also put my kidneys into trouble.  If I continue eating eat and the infection will go up, my kidneys will be in trouble.  I cannot afford that to happen to me.  I have to take good care of myself.  No one will suffer but me in the future.  Today as I am relieve from the pain, I take good care of myself more and do not eat salty foods ever again. 

Life Isn’t Fair…..

Everyone of us goes through toughs times.   No matter how much we wanted it to make things perfect, there are things that will tease us not to make it correctly.  All will fall and tumbling down against us and sometimes we lose focus and concentration.  We might still say it is okay and we can handle it, but deep inside we are frustrated of the things that is happening around us.  We sometimes felt sorry for ourselves and  for others.  We are thinking that life really isn’t fair.  Every thing  that we think will fall into places are opposite of what we are expecting. 

The funny thing is that we still think that life will be fair, but in reality its not and it wont be.  Here on earth, we should know that life really is not fair.  There are different status in life, education, and jobs.  There is a big gap between rich and poor.  Some rich they are superior and above over the poor people.  Poor people do see rich one above them also.  Sad but it is true, and rich people are taking advantage of that.  They used poor people who are in need to do job for them in a very low salary.  I just hope that rich people will see that poor are also human deserves to be respected and treated well.  Truly life isn’t fair in this world we are live in, but in the eyes of God we are all even and equal.

Crawling in Pain…

Mostly oldies have this illness called arthritis.  As they grow old, they have this problem in their joints.  As they say it is part of growing old.  And looking at them in pain is really sad.  They have limitations on foods that they eat.  Foods that wont trigger the arthritis to come and visit them.  They are not allowed to eat fatty foods and beans foods.  That is what I do to my father, I have to watch on what kind of food he is eating for him not to suffer the pain.  The problem is oldies are hard headed, they do not like to be told don’t eat this, don’t eat that.  And one of those hard headed is my father.  Irritates me sometimes but I do not exert an effort to say to him do not eat that because my father has an attitude. 

Last to days ago. he attended a party with his girlfriend.  And I told him to avoid those foods that are not safe for him to eat.  But because he is a stubborn father (lol), he ate what he likes and those foods that are tempting.  Yesterday, I saw him in the couch and in pain.  He barely can walk straight because his knee is aching.  So I asked him what is the cause of his pain.  Only to find out that he ate those forbidden foods for him.  And today double the pain, he is crawling.  He can’t walk even a single step.  I was looking at him angry silently.  For if he is in pain, he yells at everybody in the house.  Plus I have to take care of him.  I remind him tonight that, when it is a no it is really a no. This is a good lesson for him not to be stubborn again and always watch the foods he eats.

When Mr. Right Turns Mr. Wrong…..

Every girl dreaming of a guy who is their night and shining armour.  In searching for that person, we are able to meet lots of strangers.  It can be a good or a bad strangers.  Some do blinded by their looks, physical appearance most especially by their smile.  Girls are mesmerize by these outlook of a certain guy.  Kind of interested and then decided to spend time with this guy to know better.  Spending time together will tell who the person really is.  And to know if they are compatible together.  

In the period of knowing each other, girls will be able to learn what kind of a person she is dating with.  He is not worth the time a girl spent.  It is a big disappointment to a girl when their mr. right turns mr. wrong.  The guy of their dreams turns out to be a big nightmare to them.  Truly first impression never last.  Always take a second look and weigh the person as a whole.  Finding the man of our dreams will come on the day we are less expected it.  We just have to spend time patiently waiting.  For it will be given to us by God in the right and perfect time.  No need for us to rash for we might get stumble an fall and we will find it hard to come back again.  Instead of meeting the man of our dreams, we will meet the man who is a lion on a sheepskin. 

Happy Being Solo…

I have heard a lot of stories about girls who are looking for the love of their life.  Searching for someone who will love them and care for them in a special way.  Doing it in a hurry and ended up being hurt and left alone.  They make a big mistakes in their life for making a rash decision just to feel being loved.  Mostly falls for a wrong man, a man that only play games, looking for fun and not serious.  Men do sense when a girl is giving a motive, so they took advantage of that.  Girls just cried and sad in the corner for they fooled by someone whom they think love them. 

Searching for special someone takes time and effort.  The first thing that we should do is to find happiness for ourselves.  Make our self happy first before entering into any relationship.  Flying solo will make us realize that there are lots of avenues for happiness other than falling in love.  Before you can be happy to someone else you must make yourself happy first.  Nothing compares the happiness and contentment from within.  Once you have done this every thing else will follow and fall into places.  We have to prioritize our self  first before anything else.  Always think of ME being happy even in solo.