It Aint Easy…..

As my friends says I am good at giving advices, so they seek advices from me.  I have wide understanding of some situation in life.  I do have this positive outlook in life.  No matter how difficult life is for me, I still think positive for me to go on with life.  Face difficulties in life with a smile  so that good aura will be on my side.  It is easy for me giving advices to a friend or to people but I cannot give advices to myself.  When it comes to me it is very hard to think straight. 

Family issues makes me weak and want to quit.  It ain’t easy giving advices when deep in my heart I have something to settle first.  But do not know how, when and where to start.  Today I felt like crying and I want to shout a loud to tell the people how I really feel.  They said it is hormones that strikes me today.  No matter how I tried to tell myself I am okay and I cant do it, I cannot.  It is very hard to tell I am okay when in fact I am not.  I want to share it to someone but no one to talk to so I decided to write it in here my feeling and emotion for today.  To make me feel relieved from this feeling I have inside.  After writing I hope I will feel better and have the strength to go on with life even if it ain’t easy.

When it Rains it Pours…..

Our world today is in crisis.  People are battling so many problems in life in order to survive.  No one know when this gonna stop and no one knows what is ahead of us after this.  Many lives are affected because of this crisis, many are wondering why this happened and many are asking why God let this things happens.  Many died causing hunger for no one to eat especially in those areas where poverty is rampant.  Children are suffering from malnutrition.  Truly that when it rains it pours.  We have experiencing so much crisis right now, some lost their job and others are closing their businesses.  It is like a heavy rain that flushes us all in the drainage. 

Even though these things happens still we can manage to smile.  Some are doing the fake smile just to make them feel all is fine and will be over soon.  Keep the faith and trust in God that He will never leaves us empty.  That He is always there to guide and watch us.  Crisis is the way of saying come to Him and ask for more strength to go on with life.  Upon battling problems in life, we need to ask for God’s blessings to give us more energy and concentration to keep us moving on.  At the end of this rains in life, there is a rainbow that gives us a new beginning.  A better and colorful beginning after surviving for the heavy rains.  A rainbow that tells there is a hope for everybody and a better tomorrow for everybody.  Keep battling for there is a brighter future ahead of us.

God’s Loving Embrace……

In life’s journey, we may encounter many trials and difficulties.  Times when we needed to be strong to fight till the end.  It hurts us deeply knowing that trials are to heavy to carry.  We like to hide and run away to free us from all these.  Instead of facing it, we opted to run and let it pass by without doing anything.  Afraid to challenge and conquer it.  Believing in ourselves that we can do it and can make it.  It is better for us to face it rather than hide and run away.  Facing it is the way to solve problems and trials in life.

If we are confused and looking for a place to hide, we listen to our heart and we will know the answer.  God’s loving arms is the right place to hide.  His love will make us relieve from all these.  He never fails to listen to us and give us His loving arms.  When we are afraid and do not know what to do, come to Him and feel the loving embrace He has for us.  Never be afraid and never lose hope for God will always open His arms to us.  We will find refuge and a place where we can have a peace of mind and at ease.  Talking to Him is the best that we can do.  Ask for guidance and strength for us to continue this battle in life.  No one will make us feel better than Him.  Come to God and feel His loving embrace.

Behavior Problem….

It is not easy being a grouchy girl and  always in a bad mood.  It is like you are in a situation where you think everyone is picking on you.  Because of our irritable mood, we are tempted to blame others.  Without knowing it is our attitude that bringing us into a not so good behavior.  We get easily annoyed and irritated because we are being impatient of having the things that we are craving for.  Try to consider that sometimes we could be responsible enough for making our life a one big mess.  We may think that all is against our way and opposite to what we want to happen. 

Each of us has different trials in life, bad news that come in our way, and disappointments.  Those things are irritating and we are being impatient because we are eager to fight it in a fastest way possible.  Dealing it really matters, if we are able to deal it grace and under pressure.  We are in control of what is happening in our life.  Instead of being irritated, we should try to evaluate it and we face it with a smile.  Telling those trials in life that no matter how big they are, we are in control and still can face it with courage and strength.  Face it with composure and embrace it with a smile.  No one can control our behavior but us and ourselves. Do not let our behavior control us for it will lead us to wrong direction.  We end up frustrated and giving up to fight in this so called,  behavioral problem.

Abortion is not the Answer..

The essence of a woman is to bare a child and gave birth.  A dream that every married wants to come true.  The gift that is come from God to married couple.  A gift that will make the family grow stronger and happy together.  Not everybody is given the chance to have it due to some circumstances.  And they end up adopt a child just to have a child inside the house to bring smile and noise. 

Nowadays, young ones do engaged into pre-marital sex.  Without minding what kind of responsibilities they are facing when the girl gets pregnant.  They do not think of the future and the consequences, they only think of the present and the urge to do it.  When the girl gets pregnant, the first thing that will come into their mind is abortion.  They think it is the only way out for the upcoming responsibility.  They think the baby will be the hindrance for them to have a successful career.  Because they are still young, so they opted to abort the baby.

They may become successful in life but they will be haunted by their conscience forever.  Something that they wish to turn back time.  A successful career is a little angel’s sacrifice.  They might think of many what if’s in their life for a child is a wonderful blessings.  A blessing that they choose to disregard for their so called future.  I just wish that to those into this kind of situation would realize that abortion is not an answer.  It is a blessing  so keep it and cherish it forever.