Doing well at School…..

My five (5) years old niece is at her first year of classes.  She is a kinder one student.  Although she is first timer at school, she knows how to recite the alphabet and count the number up to twenty.  We are practicing her while she is at her four (4) years old.  I can see that she will do good at school for she is a fast learner.  Aside from the fact that she doesn’t want us to teach her over and over again, she remembers almost everything we have taught her.  She has this kind of attitude that she wants to study and learn only if she wants to.  She just watch and then follow what she sees and observed.  She is an observer kind of girl.  She rather choose to watch first before doing her things.

This morning her teacher told my sister-in-law that my niece is legible to be in grade one.  For she knows how to count the numbers, recite the alphabet and even knows how to read only two letters.  It is flattering to us but we have decided to retain her and finish this year as kinder one for her to be more prepared when she enters grade one next year.  Everyday when she got home from school, she showed to us the stars she got from all the activities.  Ended she does good in math.  I am very proud of my little stubborn niece, for even she doesn’t want us to make her study her lesson she is doing well at school.  She has a brilliant mind that she only knew for she is an observer kind of girl. 

Her Maternity Dress…

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, my sister is three (3) months pregnant.  Because if this, she is gaining more weight and started to buy maternity dress.  She is changing her wardrobe,  from sexy blouses to maternity blouses.  I can see the changes on her body, her 25 waistline is fading.  But she is happy knowing that she has been blessed by God with a little angel inside her womb.  A little angel that would bring the smiles and happiness in her married life.  A baby will complete the family she dreamed of.

Today, I am very excited for she wants me to go with her buying maternity dress.  I so want to pick those dresses for her.  Before I used to be the judge when she is going to buy dress, top and pants for her.  Even she said I am the worse judge, still she wants my opinion.  It took us more time picking for she it find it hard to pick what she really wants.  Its kinds funny for while she is picking, she is murmuring that why is it maternity dress is so expensive.  I smiled looking at her picking and murmuring.  As I am the judge I have waited for her to finally pick.  For she cannot pick what she really wants, I have decided to pick something for her.  And I am glad she likes it, and she went to fitting room.  After a few minutes, she went out and said lets go to the counter.  I am so happy that she likes what I am picking for her. We ended our day at mall eating.  And that is the most important thing to do.  As a judge I deserve some treat.hahaha

Couple’s Rings in Life….

When the two person in a relationship wanted a life together they will get three kinds of rings in life.  The rings that symbolizes their love and commitment to each other.  A ring that will tell and remind them the promises they made with each other.

The first ring is called, the engagement ring.  A ring that symbolizes that they have plans to make a life together.  The kind of life they wanted to have, and a commitment that they will be getting married one day.  It is a very sweet ring for a girl to have.  A ring that will tell the girl/woman that she belongs to him and choose him to be her man forever.

The second ring is the wedding ring.  A ring that is blessed by God.  It is a kind of ring wherein the two couple are bind together and considered one.  Given on their wedding day where they exchange vows to be together and be faithful to each other.  Two rings but are one because it is blessed by God, witness by a lot of people.  It is meant forever for they are fully committed and promised to love each other till there last breath.  A ring that symbolizes a new chapter of their life as husband and wife and have a family of their own.  It is a life that is full of happiness.

In life, couples will encounter lots of trials.  And this is the last ring, the sufferings.  They will be tested with this kind of problems.  Pain, trials, and difficulties.  These are the sufferings that the couple has to overcome for them to have a happy life together.  They are not expected to be happy forever after their wedding ring.  For they will encounter sufferings to prove how committed they are to the promises they made.  This will be the big test to them if they are going to battle this together or better end it for they cannot hold on. 

Life is never, we have to encounter those things to make us  a better and stronger person.  A successful couple are those who walk together, hand in hand and never let go.  As they are one, they will fight it together as one.  Showing the world that they mean it when they promised to be together forever.

Status in the Society….

We are all children of God, created by His own image and likeness.  We are all equal in His eyes.  He gave us a good place to live for us to enjoy our life here in earth.  But why there is rich and the poor?  Why  there is no equality here on earth?  Questions that are left unanswered for no one knows who to ask.  It is so sad to know that there is rich and poor.  Others do have wide land they owned and others do not have even just a small piece.  Poor ones work and serve the rich one for them to live and survive in life.  There are lots of differences between rich and the poor here on earth.  And this status in the society affects people wherein a poor one cannot  fall in love by rich one.

This is what had happened to my cousin, who fall in love and have a relationship with the rich one for a year.  He promised to prove to his family that status in the society is nothing in the field of love.  For all is fair in love.  A word that is keep by my cousin and hold on to it for she believe in him and trust in him.  She didn’t mind on how her boyfriend’s family looking and stare at her.  She can take everything for she love him that much.  That promise vanished when he says, he can no longer keep it.  Says it is better to end it for he wants to enjoy the life of being single and he has plans to help his family financially.  Poor reason for a man just to say goodbye.  A reason that is hard to buy for it is very shallow.  My cousin accept it for she understand from the very beginning that loving someone who is in high status in society is difficult.  So sad that there are people who are like that, they look for what your status.  I hope that this will end for we are all equal.  Although we are in low status, we are still human and deserve to be treated well.

Learn to Let Go….(Ada May)

I have been posted several article about my friend whose heart is broken by her boyfriend.  Their three (3) years relationship crashed down for the reason that she cannot understand.  I have considered it a long-term relationship for three years of being together is never easy.  Her world tumbling down when he says, it is better for you to stay away from me’.  A line that even me do not understand why he has to say those words to her.  Does he really cares for my friend?  A friend of mine who is giving her all for the love.  The love she thinks she found in him is never last that long.

I keep on telling her to let him go and forget him.  Yes, it is easy for me to say but hard for her to do.  I myself been in that kind of relationship, though not as long as hers.  I never want to let go either for I keep telling myself he is the one.  That is what I see in my friend, she wants to hold on and keep believing he will be back.  Letting go is never easy for the heart dictates our mind not to.  The heart that commanded us not to and there is still hope.  I do hope that one day Ada May will learn to forget him and let go of the feeling she has for him.  I still believe that there is someone there who deserves her love, for she deserves to be love as well.  Learning takes time and effort, and I do hope she will find the strength to do it.