Learn bad words from her friend…

A child always observe things that is happening around them.  They think that what they say and hear is right.  That is why we oldies needs to guide them and teach them.  Telling them what is right and what is wrong.  But no matter how careful we are to not said bad words in front of them, they can get it from outside.  Some people do not care what they say, whether there are kids watching and might hear what they say. 

Everyday, I always let my nieces play outside with their friends right after school.  I let them enjoy for them to relax and have fun from stressful day at school.  And calling them after two hours to go home and start study their lessons.  But today I was shocked to hear them talking bad words.  Its like my blood goes up to my head.  I asked them where did they get it, I was so angry.  They are not talking makes me more angry to the point of slapping their mouth.  I do not like them saying those kind of words in front of them.  I felt so sorry for them for I was carried away by my emotion.  After I calm down, I took to them and make them understand why I did it.  I explained to them what kind of words they learned outside and say sorry to them.  I made them promise not do it again.  Hopefully they understand my explanation and made them realize that not all they heard and see is right.

Mass Reflection….Greediness

Yesterday at church the sharing that was made by the priest is so inspiring and it is really touches my heart.  It is said that share your blessings to those who are in need.  If God is showering you with so much blessings it is expected also to share that to others.  God is using you as an instrument to help other who are in need.  Sharing your blessings will make God so happy of you and will give you more blessings to come. 

Do not be greedy as the priest said for God be happy seeing you do that after all the blessings you have received.  Buying things that you do not use it that much, buying things even if you do not want it that much and having more than one big houses is a sign of greediness.  Those acts of greediness is not good in the eyes of God.  He do not want His children to be like that.  He wants us to share and give.  Give until it hurts and give more until it hurts no more.  It is a good feeling if we are able to help someone and give happiness to someone who are in need.  A simple smile and thank you from then is enough to say that we are blessed and will be bless by God.  Double the blessings if we are able to share it to others.  God Bless!

Poem from the Heart

You came into my life, And made me complete
Each time I see you, My heart skips a beat
For you are the one, Who makes me whole
You’ve captured my heart, And touched my soul
For you I would climb the highest mountain peak
Your love I do seek
For you I would cross the rivers most wide
To have you by my side.
You are so beautiful inside and out
You are the one I admire no doubt
For you are the one God sent from above
The angel I needed, For whom I do love.
I promise to give you all I have to give
I’ll do anything for you as long as I live
I hope that one day you’ll come to realize
How perfect you are when seen through my eyes.
What a lovely poem that is dedicated to me.  Although he is not the one who made it, it is an inspiring poem to hear telling me how he felt for me.  Reading makes me floating in the sky, dreaming and wishing on the star that someday we will see each others eyes. A perfect poem in this battle of love.  Reading it with passion and from the heart will erase the confusion and doubts inside. 
To my readers, hope this poem inspires you also.  Even if we are single, reading it will inspire us that one day someone will come and whisper those words to us.  This is a kind of poem that would tell that us someone is there for us and will love us with all their heart.  Just wait patiently for that someone will come in perfect package.  This is for everybody who is in love and for those who are waiting to be loved.  Cheers everyone!

A Valuable Thing

People nowadays are preferred to have their own car to take them to a place they want to go fast and easy. It is an advantage to have our own car for us to be free from hazard of commuting in a public vehicle. If we were to buy a car, we have to do a lot of research for us to know what is the latest, what is a good car to buy, and the kind of car that fits in our budget. In choosing a car, this Toyota Camry is a perfect car to buy and have. Elegant and will surely gives you comfort and happiness the moment you ride in it.

Having a car is a dream come true. Like human beings it needs to be loved and take good care of. From time to time, we have to bring it to the car shop to have it check. The perfect place to go to have our car be checked and repaired is in Chicago auto repair . They will surely take good care of our car and give a good service. A kind of service that meets our car needs and wants. Car lights are important to be check for it gives signals while we are driving. To avoid possible accident, it is also best to let them check engine light . By having it checked we can say that our travel will always be safe and secured. As a responsible owner, this is the right way to maintain a valuable things like a car in good condition always.

A Simple Gift from their Mommy….

 She has been married for five months now, but living on the same village we live.  So almost everyday she would come to visit us and we do a little chit chat.  This afternoon,  she visit us and bring something for my little nieces.  They are at the neighbors house playing so they were not able to see their presents.  As we have waited for them to go home we do a little chit chat. 

When they finally got home, they are very happy to see their mommy (a.k.a aunt).  Even though they always go to her house, seems like they missed my sister a lot.  And the first thing they said after got home, ‘do you have something for us?’.  Very cute little girls always asking for presents to their mommy.  Then my sister gave to them their presents, five pieces of underwear (each of them), pencil, ruler and pencil case.  They are very happy and said, ‘thank you mommy’.  I must say they are spoiled by my sister.   That is why when she visits always asked for presents.  Since their underwear are on the same color, I embroidered the initial of their names.  I can see it in their eyes how happy they are to see their presents.   They both said they will tell their parents after got home from work.  To them simple little things are big already and they will take good care of it for it is their property.