Skipped going to the beach this year

During Easter Sunday, the family usually go to the beach. That is how we celebrate Easter. But this year, we decided to skipped going to the beach and just stay at home. As expected the kids did not like it. They are sad and teary eyes because they are excited to go to the beach. They are jealous because some of their friends are going to the beach. As always, we have to make them understand why we did not go to the beach. Told them that we will go to the beach some other time. And because we did not go to the beach, we have a simple feast at home so the kids will not get sad. We have their favorite fries too.

Anyways, the real reason we opted to stay at home is because of the series of earthquakes happens. We are scared that something might happen anytime while at the beach. We are being negative, but it is better to be safe than sorry always. This is not the perfect timing to go to the beach. The series of earthquakes really scares us especially the so called the big one. We pray though that it will not happen and God will always there to protect the people from calamities. Even though we stayed at home and celebrates Easter at home, it is still fun because we are able to rest and spend time at home plus we only spent the small amount of money.

Because we love to sing

At home, there are two things that the family loves to do. First, is watching movies and sing-a-long. The latter is the thing that we do most of the time. It is because we do love to sing even if we are not the family of singers. This family bonding would be more fun if we are using the lavalier mic that I saw online. I always told my brother to buy a wireless microphone, I guess this is the perfect time to buy.

Simple Yet Memorable

Last Friday was the 70th birthday of my father. As what he wants we had a simple celebration. We invited our relatives and some of his closest friends. The father does not want an extravagant celebration for the reason that he is too old for that. The celebration is a simple dinner yet memorable to the celebrant because of the invited visitors to celebrate with us. I must say that his closest friends made his day extra special. I thank them for coming even if the weather is not cooperating. The heavy rain did not stop you from coming. Your presence is very much appreciated. Thank you very much!!!

Another year has added to my father’s life. I wish him good health, long live and more years to come. I thank God for this blessings. I thank God for always protecting my father from harm and for giving us a father like him. He is not a perfect father but I would not ask for a better father if given the chance to choose. To us, he is the perfect father. He raise us well and provides what we need with the absence of my mother. Happy birthday to my father and God bless you always!!!

It is an answered prayer

My brother and his fiancée are living together for almost two years now. They have agreed that they will get married only when she gets pregnant so that when they will not be blessed with kid/s they won’t blame each other. I do not like their set up because to me if you love the person you do not have put any condition. You will be with each other no matter what and will love each other until you both grow old. But I do respect their set up, though. They are at the right age and for sure knows what kind of set up they have.

I always want my brother to be happy forever with the woman he loves. But I am worried that they will end their relationship because they do not have kids. I never lose hope, though, I always prayed that they will be blessed with kid/s soon. Their relationship will be stronger if they have a child. Also, I want my brother to get married so I always pray to God to blessed them with an angel. Indeed, prayer is powerful because now the fiancée of my brother is five weeks pregnant. They are so happy with this wonderful blessings. It is an answered prayer and I am so happy for them. Soon, we are going to talk about their wedding. I am so excited and happy for them. Congratulations to my brother and to my future sister-in-law.

Moving Up Ceremony

Yesterday was the moving up ceremony of my pre-schooler nephew. It was one of the important days of his life as a student. Though he does not really understand what is happening still we are so proud of him because of the development we have seen in him for the past months. His parents are present at the ceremony. They took a day off yesterday to give time to their son. Also, for them to be able to see how their son participates in their dance presentation. And he dances happily during the presentation. I am the happiest person seeing the nephew’s development.

The nephew got two ribbons during the ceremony. He got most polite and industrious pre-schooler. We did not expect it because the nephew is a bit shy in the class. Well, only the teacher knows of the nephew’s attitude in the class. We are so proud of him. Next school year, he will be in the new school. New people, new surroundings and new friends to meet. I hope that he will continue to show more developments. It is a long way to go for him and I am wishing him the best. Continue to be a good student Andrei. You did well. We love you bunch!