The symbol of their love…

Ring is the symbol of love shared by two individual. A symbol that they are one and shared the same feeling. The valuable thing that a couple shared along with the vow of marriage. Every individual is dreaming of this valuable thing and dreaming to walk down the aisle. The beginning of happy and fruitful life of the couple.

The picture above shows the symbol of my sister and her husband’s love for each other. Simple but the love they have for each other is genuine. True and it is one of a kind that anybody would envy of. They have the unconditioal love for each other that I can say that would last forever until the day after forever. As bright as this ring their future will be and willl be guided by love forever.


Back with new net connection….

It has been two weeks when my net connection got cut off.  Though it was my decision because of not good net service for me.  Now my net connection is back but different service provider, hopefully this one is good and not always hanging.  Am happy because I am will be updating my blog from now on.  I was not able to update it for two weeks because I do not have time to go to net cafe. 

To my readers and visitors thanks for keep on visiting and reading my post always.  I will do and write new post for you to read.  I hope it won’t bored you and will give you inspiration after reading my post. This post is a little short and a quick one, just letting you know am back and will be updating my blog often.  cheers!

Amazing woman of today…

Before when we talk about body building the first that comes into our mind is guys. Guys that are into keeping their body shape. Body that most guys are dreaming of. The kind of body with eight packs as they say. Some girls do like that but to me I don’t. I am a little scary looking at them. Funny but it is true, scared that they will throw me outside planet It is very nice to look at them when they are fully dressed because of their body physic. Some are doing it to compete and also as their profession.

But in this modern world wherein there is girl power what man can do, woman now also can do. Nowadays body building is for man and woman. Women are very competitive now. They have the same body built a man has. It is really amazed me looking at those girls/woman who are into body building. Although it is shocking to see women that is into body building, it amazed me with the courage and the power they have to have this kid of body. With all the sacrifices and training, they are really the woman that has a determination to get what they want and flaunt it to the world. Though I am not into this kind of field, I am proud to say that woman of today is very competitive. So watch out guys because women do rocks!

Will you wait?

I have been waiting all my life to find someone whom I will love and will love me for me.  It’s been a year now since God give him to me.  Having him in my life would be the happiest day of my life.  I would never ask for more because he is all I have ever wanted to come and to have.  The only difference is that he lives miles, oceans and air away from me.  The love that God has given to me is living from other side of the world.  I never thought I could meet someone like him.  And never thought that GOd will give me the best man in the world.

Will you wait?  This is the question many wants to know and asked me.  And I answered them, yes I will wait because he is all I ever wanted.  I have too much patience in me that is telling me to wait for the thing I really want will not give it me with just one click.  Patience will be tested because he is from other side of the world and coming here is never easy because of the economic problems.  Only God knows what is ahead of us, that is why I am giving all to God and I have faith that one day we will be together forever.  I am always praying on that day to come and the waiting will be over for we have each other already. 

The Golden Rule…

‘Do not do unto others, what you do not want others to do unto you.’

This is the golden rule that I have kept in my mind ever since I was in grades school.  A golden rule that is suited for everybody who wants to be treated good and nice by others.  Respect others so that others will give you some respect also.  If others trust you, do not break it for it will ruined the relationship and will end up being enemy.  Before we do things, we make sure that we will not stepped into others life.

This is what I have observed in my neighbor.  I know this is not my business just want to make an example if you are not doing good to others.  My neighbor who happens to be a acquainted to me is having a relationship with married man.  At first they life together is in harmonious and happy.  Until she gave birth to their first son.  After two months, the guy change suddenly until she found out that her man has another woman.  So sad but it happened to her what she did to the original wife.  She let the guy pick unfortunately he pick the new woman.  Seeing her with her new born baby making me son.  The son has to suffer from the mistakes of his parents.  Really ‘karma’ happens on the day you will less expected it.  If you are doing bad to others, it will comes back to you.  I know I am being bad by sharing her story, I just wants others to know that before we are doing things and making some decisions in life we should always remember the golden role for it will gives us a way to make good deeds and be a better person.  If you want to be treated good and fairly, treat others the same way.  God bless!