I am into blogging for almost a year now, I am enjoyed doing it and I gave my warmest thank you to my humble and old computer. Old model computer but helps me a lot in my blogging stuff and keeping in touch the man I love and to my friends who are working abroad. I can still do things with this old computer of mine but I really feel the need to buy a new one for me to be able to do what the other bloggers do.

I have told my sister about it and we have talked about it but she cannot help me for now because she is an expectant mother. We went to mall last week and we went to a store that is selling computers and laptop. She said these are your dreams and she cannot help me and I do understand. We are just doing window shopping and then go home after. The laptop that I saw in the mall remained in my mind and I do hope I do get one someday. It is one of my dreams for me to do more in blogging. Hoping that this dream would come into reality one day.


Because of her…

This meme really catches my attention because it is all about being thankful for all the blessings we have recieved from God, thankful to our family, friends and neighbors. It is really a right thing to do to be thankful for all the good things we have in our life. Instead of complaining, embrace life may it good or bad. Bottom line is we are alive and have hope and future.

My entry for this Thankful Thursday meme is about my late mother who played a big part in my life until now. She made me who I am now today. Teaches me values in life and become a responsible person. Back then I didn’t understand why she keeps on teaching us to do household chores insead of playing all day. She passed away when I was nine years old and I must say it is too hard withoout a mother in the house. No one will care for us and cook for us. No mother to comfort us. And because of her patience in teaching us, we became a responsible human beings at a very young age. We value life and value others. Really mothers knows best. Though she is not here physically, she will be in my heart forever. I am always be thankful to my mother because she made me who I am now today.

Hair Vitamin…

They said that the crowning glory of a woman is the hair.  Hairstyle reflects also the beauty and elegance of a lady.  That is why there are lots of hair treatment for girls in the salon.  It is considered the vanity of the girls because some hait treatment is really expensive and once you have it treat once it should be done as hair mentenance.  They said that if you want to look good and beautiful, we have to invest sometimes.

I have been in the salon for many times already have my hair treated, trim, cut or do hot oil.  That is how I pampered my hair twice in a year.  The other day my sister had her haircut and the beautician offered her to put some vitamins unto her hair because her hair have lost the shine.  It is our first time to hair such vitamins for hair, although the effect is good for one day at least her hair have tried the vitamins.  It has additional payment aside from the haircut fee, but it is worth it because her hait really looks good after putting it.  Even for just a day she can that she pampered her hair and she likes it. 

I was looking for what to write this monday until I bumped up into this meme. I like the idea of joining this for me to get an idea what to write and explore the world of blogging with colors. I was looking for something that has a shade of blue for me to be able to joined this blue monday.

Luckily I am able to find this picture, it is me and a friend who are getting ready for my sister’s wedding. Her wedding motiff is a shade of blue it is because blue is her favorite color. I am looking forward to write more about this blue thing. Happy to joined this meme. cheers!

Guitarman and his little fan…

One of my brother’s hobby while at home is to play guitar. He is a guitarist wanna be, an trying his very best to know lots of chords. Even if he is not that good he is still trying his best hoping that one day he will be able to learn how to play and stroke different guitar chords. Just funny to hear somestimes because he is out of tune and the guitar strings are not creating a good harmony. But he is still learning and continue learning until he makes it.

Although it annoys me sometimes because of the noise that he is creating, he has a little fan that always comes near him every time he plays guitar. A little one who doesnt care whether it is noise or not because he wants to hold the guitar also and slide his fingers to the strings. So cute to look at this cute nephew of mine because I can sense he is into music like his uncle. Though we are not a family of singers, but we do love to sing and love music. I can describe my family as a music lover. I am looking forward to see this little boy grow up and plays guitar like his uncles and father does.