Cold Thursday for Me…

Christmas is fast approaching, I feel it today as the weather is so cold.  The blowing of the wind that touches my skin as I go outside.  Aside from those Christmas songs that I heard on the radio early in the morning that telling me Christmas is just around the corner, the blowing of the wind is participating in welcoming the season.  The season of love and greetings for everybody.  Eventhough times are very hard this year, still people are celebrating and will be welcoming this season with smiles on their faces.  

Todays weather smells the Christmas season.  Cold and windy that makes me have some mixed emotions.  Sad, lonely and happy.  The feeling that I cannot explain because even myself do not understand why I have this feelings.  Seems like someone will come and will go.  Some are having countdown for Christmas to come.  They are happy doing it each day.  I can see that they are not that affected with the hardships in life.  They even have their shopping list as early as this.  How I wish I will have thae feeling like them.  Feeling of happiness and lots of smiles while waiting for Christmas season to come.  One day I will get that feeling, I am always praying for it.

Veges for lunch…

I woke up around 10 in the morning, my younger brother wake me up because we have to eat our breakfast.  We always eat breakfast together, no matter how late I woke up in the morning he always wait for me to have breakfast together.  I am close to all my brothers and sister.  Among my three brothers I am more close to my younger brother.  Maybe because I am the fourth child and he is the fifth child.

I am doing my online stuffs when he called us to have lunch.  He is preparing lunch for us today.  That is what he do if he committed sin the day before.  He knows how to make it up to us.  And he knows that a way to our heart is through our stomach especially veges.  We do love to eat veges that is why he is preparing veges for us this lunch.  We are having our lunch together prepared by my chef younger

Blue Monday #2: Blue Skirt….

Its Blue Monday once again and I want to present my humble post for that. I do not have a good camera that is why this poor picture of my niece is not that nice. I hope you do not mind this simple I am going to show you on this blue monday meme.

This is my niece taking a post on their school festival presentation. Not a good picture though but I am happy to show it to you. I am so happy to look at her doing her moves while dancing in the field. I was not able to take a picture of her while dancing because it is not allowed by the teachers. They do not want the kids to be distracted by those who taking pictures that is why taking taking near is not allowed. Nevertheless, her moves and cute dancing steps will remained in my mind. And their custome is the blue skirt made by their teacher. Simple but the color is so alive.

Wrong side of the bed…

I sleep late last night because I am not feeling well.  Even if I want to close my eyes, my mind is thinking somewhere and fully occupied.  Some things happen in my life that bothers me and I cannot think straight because of it.  At around 2 in the morning my eyes wants to close and my mind telling me to go to sleep and get some rest for tomorrow is another day and another battle. 

I did sleep well last night but wakes up on the wrong side of the bed because I am still not feeling well.   A little moody because I want to sleep but I cannot go back because of noisy sorroundings.  I try to embrace this negatives thoughts that comes into my mind.  Even if I wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, I want to invibe positive things and count my blessings.  I greeted my morning with a smile though it is very hard so that it wont ruin my intire day.  Life is a wonderful journey, walk with a smile and loving heart. 

Yummy Burger at KFC…

Today I went to mall to meet my close cousin whom I never seen for a month. We do always see each other before but when she was working far from the city we seldom see each other. She texted me and told me that we will meet at the mall and her treat. They say, it is not good to say NO for an invitation so I said As for our snack, we do eat at KFC with my favorite burger. I really like th taste of their burger and I made my cousin like it too. We do a lot of talking while savouring the yummy burgers she bought for us. A wonderful treat from her and I hope it will happen again. I pray that the next time we do see each other its my treat.

This is my first post for the yummy sunday meme. I like to write and put yummy foods I have every sunday. Bona Petite, everyone!