Farewell to a Friend…

We have been friends for quiet some time because her boyfriend is closed to mine.  I did not expect to be good friends because I am aloof before to come near her after her boyfriend introduced her to me.  I am not intemidated just that I feel we are opposite.  I seldom go out of the house because I do not like to talk with my neighbors who are just making gossips.  I thought she doesn’t like me because I do not talk to her that much.  After months of trying to be friends we end up best of friends.
We enjoyed each others company because we talked and laugh a lot.  I do not have close friends here in our place where we live because I do not go outside the house a lot.  I am glad to meet her and happy we are introduced to one another.  Now, I am sad because the only close friend I have here in our place will be going to Australia next month.  I am sad that we will not be seeing one another for months but happy to see her go there and find future and better in life.  Yesterday we talked and she said the word farewell.  Though jokingly said it, it makes me sad because days are fast approaching and she will be flying to Australia.  I will surely miss her and pray for her happy life there.  Farewell my friend and hope to see you back again!

Last Sunday the whole family went to beach to celebrate the birthday of my sister. It is a post celebration but turns out a very memorable bonding by the whole family. We are taking lots of pictures and having fun. This picture I am going to share this blue monday really catches my attention. The girlfriend of my brother took it and it is really nice to see when the blue and white color meets. It is very nice to see scene like this, something we can think about. What is behind those color and if we ever go that far. I want to share this simple blue monday entry of mine.

10.10.10 event in my life…

I have sseen on television and heard on people about 10.10.10 event this year.  They said that it is a very lucky day in our life and good luck will be coming to us.  It happnes once in 10 years that is why they said experience this day of being happy and recieving some good luck.  So it is good to make a good memory on this day.

On October 10, 2010, the family celebrated the birthday of my sister.  Indeed we create a good memory because we went to beach to have fun and enjoyment while at beach.  It is a good family bonding for us because we do not do it usually.  We seldom go to beach if there is an occasion especially on birthdays.  My father do not like to celebrate birthdays at the beach.  He always says it should be at the house.  First time to do it and it is on 10.10.10 event and it is my sister’s birthday who is 7 months pregnant.  It is a very nice and good experience we have created on this day.  This 10.10.10 event in my life is a very memorable one and complete because of the blessings that comes from God.

A tempting offer..

It has fell so many times already that is why my mobile phone is not in good condition. Sometimes there is display and sometimes no display. So sad because this happens when I am out of money. I cannot go to a shop to have it repair because I do not have budget right now. It has been my mobile phone for years already maybe I needed to buy a new one also. But not the right time for me.

This morning when I visited my sister to their house, she told me that there is an agent who went to their school. It is an agent who offers a postpaid plan with free cellphone. It is so tempting because the phone is so nice and it is for free. All I have to do is to pay monthly bill amounting to 300 pesos (Philippine money). I am tempted to get one since I needed a new mobile because the old one is giving me pain in my head. Going back home, I am thinking if i get a new one. But decided not because I have my internet monthly bill. Getting a new mobile will only add another burden for me. I will just let this offer slipped away because I cannot afford to pay additional bills. Sometimes we have to let those wants slipped away for us to not be in so much expenses to pay. I just hope that this offer will come back when I have some extra to pay another bill.

Poor Little Nephew…

My nephew right now is in pain because he of his teething.  He is having fever for four days now.  He is always crying, hard to go to sleep and wants me to carry him usually.  Makes me so tired because he is getting heavy.  He does no feel likes eating because of the pain in his gums.  How I wish I could get the pain out of him and transferred to mine.  Indeed kids cannot bear the pain that is why they always cry.

He always wants to play, running around and smiling but now he has lost it because of the pain.  My poor little nephew have lost the energy to play and running around the house.  I have always in bad mood because of the mess he is leaving in the house  but seeing him not doing that makes me sad.  I now realized that  it is better for him to play and doing all the mess rather than crying and in pain.  I hope that his teeth will show up so that his pain will be gone and he will be back to playful and jolly nephew.