Yesterday we are remembering the death 22nd death anniversary of my mother.  I never thought it was too long ago since my other left us and go to another stage of her life.  Every year we go to visit her and bring foods there we will share foods thinking she was there with us.  Gosh, I so missed my mother very much.  Her touch and embrace I missed so much.  Was not able to do that because she got sick when I was so young.

Yesterday I missed to visit her because of heavy rain I was not able to go with my father.  I look after my nieces and nephew.  I cannot bring them to the cemetery because of the bad weather.  I just thinking that my mother would understand.  I will make sure to visit her this coming all souls day.  Happens once a year, I wont missed this day and I go visit her.  I maybe missed her day but she will always be in my heart forever. 

To Serve and Protect….

They are the men in uniform, promised to serve the nation and protect the people under their jurisdiction.  They put their lives at risk just to fulfill their duty of serving the nation.  In this kind of profession is very scary because they do not know who are their enemy.  They sometimes assigned to the place which is new to them. 
They are always on call when the people and some situation is needed them to be there.  But when really hurts to know is that their promised to serve and protect the. They are not on duty because they want to spent some time with their family which is seldom to happen is the day of their final stand.  They come for help because someone needed but the help is the cause of their death.  They don’t mind what will happen to them because it is their duty.  They are not scared but them inside them they are. Scared for their family and love ones who will be leave behind.  If we are to realize, the promised to serve and protect is never easy.  Their own life is at stake because of their duty.  To those lives are taken away from them because of their duties and profession,  may they rest and peace!  Your families are always be proud of you! 

Blue Monday #5: Blue Sky from Above

Let us paint the sky with blue shade. It is Blue Monday meme once again and I want to present to you my entry.

I was invited by a friend once to go mountain climbing. I do not have the courage to go up there because I am afraid of hieghts. I never know I missed this wonderful adventure while up there. He shared to me some of his pictures while they are having fun looking at the beauty of nature. I have a little regrets why I did not give it a try to join. Looking at the picture makes me feel sad because I missed the chance to be there and the feeling to be there on top and looking down. I can only wish for now since I have to conquer my fear first before joining them. Having this picture is an adventure also, while looking at it I am thinking I am there and embracing the beauty of nature. Happy blue monday everyone!

Fulfilling the dream to be an Angel

Last two days ago, my niece is having her presentation at school because their school is celebrating the Holy Rosary month. As the finally of their celebration, they will have a small presentation and my niece is part of those angels. I was not able to attend and watch her because I was not feeling well that day. I missed the chance to see my niece performs as an angel. Better luck next time for me.

When I was young I want to be an angel but did not able to because of some circumstances. Being an angel in a play is always in my dreams and will remain in my dreams. Did not able to get the chance to have it while I am still young. Looking at my niece would be a great experience for me and I can think that it was I playing instead of her. Though I was not given the chance to be an angel in a play, my niece does and it is like a dream come true for me. My niece fulfilled my dreams to be an angel. And to complete my dreams and make it really come true, I took a picture of me with her wings. Without my niece because it is my dreams. Take a look at the picture above. Isn’t it nice to be an angel?

The Name Lianna Fellise

My sister is seven months pregnant.  Many of her friends told her that her baby is a girl because there is no changes in her appearance and no dark spots on her skin.  We also thought  that it is going to be a girl because the baby moves slow in her womb.  As she likes it to be a girl, she has a name already and it is LIANNA FELLISE.  We always do window shopping and she always go to pink colors for her baby’s things.  After picking what she likes, she decided to buy it after the ultrasound result.

Today is her ultrasound to know the gender of her baby.  She was very excited to know because she planned to buy baby’s cloth after getting the result. Her plan has changed because it is a baby boy.  The name she prepared will not be going to use.  Although she is happy about the result, but she really wants it to be a baby girl.  She asked what will happen to the name she prepared.  I told her I will be using it when I got a baby  Now, we think of a new name.  A baby boy name for her baby that will be the best combination of her husband’s name and my sister’s name.  Excited to know what will be the name of her baby boy.