House of Thier Own

After months of looking for a house for them to stay and call it their own, finally my sister and her husband will have a house of their own in a matter of days.  She never expected that this opportunity would come into their life.  Although it is abrupt decision by the owner to sold their house, my sister and her husband find a way on where to get the money for her to buy the said house.  I can see it in their eyes that they really wanted the house. 

When the owner of the house they have rented right now that they are going to sell the house, my sister wants to buy it.  The owner gives them less than a week for them to provide the money because they have another buyer that is interested also.  Through prayers and faith in God, we come up with the exact amount the owner needed.  Really God is good because He leads us to the way where to find the money.  Truly if you work on thing in your way, God will does the rest for you. In two days the house they have been rented will be their own house.  It is a blessing although it was so abrupt but through the eagerness of my sister and her husband to get the house they find a way  and God show them the way.  Now they are not worried anymore on where to find a place to stay where they can call a house of their own.   Thanks to God, and I am so happy for my sister. 

Working Abroad…

They say that when it rains it pours.  This is what is happenings in my cousin’s life.  Her boyfriend left her because of her status in life, forced to resigned from her job because of false accusation, and her family treat her like a pest in the house.  I am so sad for her and wanted to help but I cannot because of my situation now that I do not have a job.  She always confides in me the pain she felt in her heart and the pain she gets from her own family. 

Trying to find her luck until another door open for her to enter.  A door that belongs to other country.  She never imagined that she will be leaving the country and work abroad.  As opportunity knocks only once she grabbed it and try her luck there.  Leaving the place that causes her too much pain, and find the happiness to the place that opens a door for her.  She doesn’t want to leave at first because her father is sick and needs her care but she cannot stay in a place that evens her own family do not want her there.  I even asked my father if she is really their daughter because they treat her differently.  Now that she is leaving I wish her success and happiness in life.  And I do hope she will be happy on her life there.  I wish that her absence will makes her family realize how important she is and they miss them.

Sick and Tired…

Yesterday I went to mall to meet and old friends.  Its been years that we have not seen one another.  The last time we saw one another when we graduated from high school.  After years of thinking their whereabouts, we got communicated again through  Technology helps us bring back those memories when we are still young.

It is a good feeling to know that they are married, have their own family and kids.  Most of my friends are married and have kids.  As usual they are asking why I am still single.  Question that I even asked to myself.  I am not angry or upset, just that I am sick and tired of answering the same question each day of my life.  From my neighbors, new friends, relatives and now from old friends.  Its like they are bothered that I am still single.  Although I am a little angry of their question, I did not show to them that I am.  I still smile because I am happy to see them after long years.  We did have the fun and many talking and my day is worth it.  I try to change the topic from me to their life.  I just told them, do not worry for when I am getting married they are not

Its Monday once again and it is time for blue stuffs. And I want to share to you my Blue Monday entry.

The moment his mother fitted this blue slippers, he does not want to take it off. Too funny because he was excited, keep stamping his feet on the floor and wants to go out of the house and walk outside. Even if he is still one year old, he knows when he wears his slippers it means going out. Today I carried him for him to take a nap and when I was about to take off his slippers he cried aloud. And so I decided to take a pic of his feet with his first pair of slippers. He loves his slippers too much to not let anybody take it off away from his

The Last Man Standing..

(Photo taken from
The most awaiting fight before this year will end and welcoming another year. Many questions have been answered today. Who will be the best of the best? and Who will be the last man standing? Those questions have been concluded. The world stops when the bell rings and the famous word has been uttered. ‘Lets get ready to rumble’
Once again, Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao did not disappoint all his fans especially the Filipino people. He is indeed the best among the rest and the last man standing in the boxing arena. And always be the last man standing. Always give a good fight that makes his fans go wild of cheering him. It is good to know that Philippines have been known because of him. His winning today is the big victory again of the Filipino people. Many are congratulating him and waiting for his homecoming. After his wonderful victory another question left unanswered, and this is, WHO WILL BE HIS NEX OPPONENT? WILL IT BE MAYWEATHER?