Application Denied…

To be able to go to other country to work is a privilege and a big opportunity for everyone.  To work abroad is a kind of opportunity that we cannot let it slipped away.   We must grab this opportunity for a better life and better future.

A friend of mine who was invited by her aunt to be one of her bride’s made.  An opportunity that she grabbed and never slipped it away.  Leave her job because she will find a job the moment she will be there.  It was 100% sure that she can attend the wedding of her aunt.  I can see the excitement on her face.  Though it is not good to count eggs before its laid, but she does think of a lot of things.  She will going to work there and give her family a better life. 

After a month of waiting, she receives the result of her application for tourists visa.  To her surprised it was denied.  Her dreams fall apart and she cried out loud.  Did not want to go out of the house because she feels ashamed and do not want to face everybody.  I feel so sorry for her, because she lost her job and lost the opportunity to work abroad.  As a friend, I talk to her and give her words of encouragements.  I can in her eyes that she is really sad and feels so sorry for herself.  Life must go on and we have to find the reason of it.  I am glad that she slowly accepts it and now I can see smile on her face. Her trial is not easy to handle because her family depends on her.  Difficult situations like this breaks her apart, good thing that her family supported her and never leave her.  She is never a quitter and will try again to apply three months from now, I pray that this time a door will be opened for her because she deserves it.

On this Thankful Thursday meme, I want to say thank you to my father for giving us a decent life and for supporting us throughout this year. He has been acting a mother and a father to us. He is working hard to support us in our studies, giving what we need and foods for us to eat. He forgot his needs as a man because he wants us to finished our studies and be a successful one. I am so blessed with a loving father and a responsible father like him.

To my father, thanks a lot for always there for us and for giving us what we needed. You never neglected us since mother passed away. I am proud to be your daugther and I am proud to call you the best father in the world. My love and respect for you will always be there. Thank you God for giving us a wonderful father like him.

Digital Optical Mouse

Two months ago I got my laptop for my online stuff.  I cannot stand anymore using my old computer because it is too slow.  It takes me hours to post a single article.  Very low memory that causes my old computer to crashed sometimes and my work is all gone.  Frustration and irritation did not leave me because of my old computer.

I am so happy when my laptop was delivered.  Thanks for my sister for helping me to get this valuable thing for me.  My work becomes faster and my article will be posted fast.  But another problem occurs because I needed a mouse for my laptop.  I find it hard to control my cursor using the built in mouse in my laptop.  My fingers are stressed because of too much control.  Since I do not have the money yet I used the old mouse.  I just plug it in when no one is using the computer.  Last night my brother bought a new mouse so that his kids will used the computer if they wanted to play.  The optical mouse is nice and cute so I told my brother to exchange.  I used the new one and the old one will be at old computer.  I am glad they said yes.  Right now I am using the new mouse and I love it.  Thanks to my brother for this.  I wanted to put the picture but was not able to get one.  I will be posting it together with my laptop one of these days.

Life is Too Short…

This morning, while I am doing my online stuff I saw a college friend of mine is online on other networking site.  I am so happy because at last we are able to do chit chat since she is busy at work.  It is really meant to be that we saw each other online because she has a shocking news for me.  Our common friend died two years ago in Lebanon. 

I was really shocked because last week while cleaning my things at the house, the birthday card she gave to me fell in front of me.  I suddenly think of her and asked myself, where is this girl now?  My question has been answered today while talking to our common friend.  Vehicular accident took her life away from her.  It is so sad to know that when she was about to go to abroad she did have a misunderstanding with her mother.  I cannot believed that she even uttered to her mother not to go back to Philippines.  Well, it a matter of a short time she did go back to Philippines but inside the box.  I felt like crying because she was so young and have many dreams in life for her family.  A dream that vanished and slipped away with her.

Life is too short that we have to live with extra careful and in good relation with our love ones.  We never know what lies ahead of us and what life is instore for us.  As much as possible small conflicts should be settled before it’s too late. I just pray for her eternal repose and may she have rest in peace wherever she is.

Blue is the color of today and so I am going to post and show to you my entry for this

The city is so busy and so are we. Last Saturday was a busy day for me and my sister. We started early so that our tasks for the day will be fruitful and fulfilled. She didn’t mind her condition because she wants to finished things before she gave birth. Around 5 in the evening, we are tired and hungry and my sister decided that we need to eat something to regain the energy. While waiting for our order to be served, my sister took a picture of me. And so I pose and I smiled as well. I am surprised to see that it is indeed a good picture with blue background. Below is my sister’s picture. This is my humble entry for this week’s Blue Monday meme.