For the First Time…

I was mentioning in my other blog that sore eyes in infecting our family.  Starts to my nieces and slowly scattered to other members of the family.  I am so worried about whom will be the next because there are three of us who are not infected yet.  I have not experience this sore eyes thing before and I do not have any idea how painful it is.  I tried my best to clean my eyes from time to time so that it wont affect me.  They said that it is a bacterium that passes through that is why I always wash my hands and my face especially the eyes area.

This morning I wake up early because my eyes are so painful.  I was so angry because I got sore eyes.  No matter how tried not to be infected I am infected now.  For the first time in my life I got sore eyes.  Gosh, it is so painful and I wanted to cry.  I cannot sleep because I feel like my eyes are peeling off.  Now I know the feeling and I despise this pain.  I put medicine already but it says it will take two to three days before it completely heals.  I cannot do my online stuff because of this sore eyes.  I wish this will goes away soon so that I can do my daily routine. Bye for now, resting my eyes!

Hours of Blackout

This afternoon we have experienced four hours of blackout and I hate it because I cannot do my online stuff.  I wonder why this thing happens here in our city.  Shortage of electricity that causes this thing and our electric bill goes up.  Makes all people angry but we do not have any choice at all.  We have to pay for us to have the electricity.  Because this blackout I was not able to update my blog early and was not able to do my daily routine online.  As I spend most of my time here when my nephew is sleeping.
Sometimes this blackout causes delay, we are not able to cook dinner early because it is so dark, I was not able to feed my nephew early and I was not able to see my favorite show in the afternoon.  It is really sucks when this blackout happens.  No one to blame because this thing normally happens just that it is in bad timing.  Glad it is back now and I can do my stuff.yepey!

Skipping Dinner….

When I decided to loss some weight I take foods in moderation and less rice.  It is very difficult but I tried my hardest because I want to loss some weight.  I have seen some results and I am happy about it.  My determination to do it is strong that is why I am on the right track.  But a month ago I have lost that determination and I started to eat a lot.  I tried to control it but it makes me more hungry and craving for foods.  I mind cannot control the calling of my stomach.

After a month I saw myself in the mirror and so sad to see that I am starting to gained weight again.  Fats are back again.  Frustration is in me and so I said to myself I will skipped dinner since I do eat and eat in daytime.  Thought it is very hard, I try to control it. I woke up in the middle of the night because I cannot sleep for my stomach wants something solid.  Tonight I cannot take it anymore I eat dinner because I felt I will get sick of doing this.  I will do again the same thing, less intake, less rice and eat in moderation.  I will do this and I can do this.  Wish me luck!

Weekend adventure by my nieces and nephew at the Crocodile Park. It was fun and I enjoyed it very much because like them it is my first time to be there as well. I took some pictures of our first encounter with the crocodile.
My nephew wants to take a closer look at the crocodiles.
Closer look at the sleeping crocodile.
And this is the hungry crocodile.
It was a tiring day but worth it because we have enjoyed being there. This is my humble entry for:

First Sunday of Advent…

Today is the first Sunday of Advent, and I can really smell that Christmas in just around the corner.  We catholic starts this season by lighting the first candle. At the church we have the four candles to light up to Christmas.  Lighting of candles representing the light in our life and giving light as we walk in this journey of life.  In preparation for God’s second coming we have to light candle to light the whole world of His second coming.  As children of God we have to be ready and prepared for this day to come.   First candle is about preparation for His second coming.

Christmas decorations at the church telling us that Christmas is approaching.  It’s good to know that another year will be over and another year will be here to give us more blessings in life.  I am looking forward for the nine mornings mass.  Another way of welcoming our Creator and knowing His journey in saving us.  Times are hard but still blessed that we are still alive and be with our family.  Enjoy this season and give more love and blessings.