Where is my Prize?

We people do love to join contest because of those tempting and wonderful prizes.  Prizes boost our confidence to win and grab those prizes for us to have.  As an effort being appreciated for joining games, prizes is there.  It is like a package deal, when there is games then there is prizes.  Who will want to join games without prizes?

Last night we are having our high school reunion.  It was good because many are participating and give some of their time to be there.  They are collecting some contributions for the prizes in games.  Games makes everybody awake and enjoy.  And because of those contributions, all are excited to join and win.  One of my friends won, she was so happy because she will getting a reward.  To her surprised, when the party is almost over there is no prizes been given.  She was asking for it because that is her right as they won the games.  I can see it in her eyes that she really mean it.  She wants her and her group efforts being rewarded.  No matter how noisy she is telling everybody where is their prize, no one listens to her.  Where did the contributions go?  I am so sad for her because their efforts go for nothing.  Someone said it is for fun.  If it is for fun, they should not have collecting contributions for the prizes.  I try to calm her down to the point of grabbing my dress down.  I understand that she is a little drunk, but her mind is fully awake.  She wanted her prizes badly. 

Where did the contributions go?  Where is their word of honor?  Are they credible enough if ever they will be conducting games again?  I just wish that the organizer of the event/games knows and understand what they are saying.  I am not angry, just upset because of the trust issue and the promised.  Promises are made to be broken as they say, but those promise need not to be broken because everybody knows there is prizes for games.  And everyone deserves to be rewarded after the effort.  God bless everyone!

14 Long Years…

Just a quick post for me today as I am busy preparing myself for our high school reunion.  After 14 long years of not seeing each other, I will be seeing again my classmates and friends.  I never heard of them after our graduation day.  Though I have heard from other friends that they are married already.  I am so excited to see them all.  I am preparing now my things because it is an overnight reunion party at the beach.  The weather is hot right now, and beach is the perfect place to unwind and get some cold air. 
All my things are packed now and in an hour I will be heading to the beach.  I am pretty sure it will be the longest night of talking, laughing and enjoyment.  And of course the foods that we are going to share.  By for now, and enjoy your weekend bloggers, readers, viewers and friends.  God bless!

Rude Driver..

I have seen and heard rude driver on the rude many times already.  I felt badly for those who have encountered those kinds of drivers.  It is hard to understand why they get mad easily when in fact that is their job.  They are angry with their co-drivers because the passengers.  And sometimes they do not follow rules on road and sometimes violates it.

I never thought I will encounter those kind of driver today.  Me and my sister was crossing the street when all of a sudden a car came out in front of us.  We are surprised that we are not able to walk.  We are stocked in the middle and just looking at the car.  Seems like we are lost for a moment and only awake after the driver yelling at us.  Instead of saying sorry or just let us passed quietly he is yelling at us that made me pissed off.  I was not able to control myself for being angry, I yelled back and said ‘you idiot driver’.  I shut up after my sister told me, ‘let’s go’.  I do not know what he acted that why which in fact it is his fault.  He is not on the right lane.  Well, me and my sister decided to leave him.  I just hope that he wont be doing it again to others before he will regret anything. 

Verdict : Not Guilty (Acquitted)

One of today’s headlines here in Philippines is :

“The verdict on Vizconde massacre case reads Hubert Webb and 5 others to be acquitted after 15 years in jail.”

After 15 years of being in jailed, the suspects of the Vizconde Massacre are acquitted.  The families of the acquitted suspects are very happy for the result.  On their side justice has prevailed and the truth comes up that their love ones are innocent.  They will have the merrier Christmas after 15 long years of being in jail.  They can now sleep in peace and smile because their love ones are now free.
Behind their happy faces there was Mr. Lauro Vizconde’s tears.  The justice he hope to give to his murdered family is vanished like bubble.  Seeing him crying in pain touched my heart.  No one knows the pain he has been through but himself.  The battle he fought is fallen into deaf ears.
Who is accountable for this massacre?  Is there another battle Mr. Vizconde should face?  The most sensational case here in the Philippines is now closed.  I wonder if justice is really being served for both parties.  The sudden twist of the decision changed the lives of both parties and shocking faces of  Filipino people.  Some feel the pain Mr. Vizconde felt and some are happy for them acquitted suspect.  The truth will come out on the time we are all judge by God.  Though justice here in the land is denied, justice in heaven will be served for we are all be judge evenly.

I was looking at my old pictures to share on this Blue Monday meme. I do not have lots of pictures with blue on it because I am not aware of this meme before. I have just joined this meme two months ago and not aware of this blue thing that much. As I am browsing I saw this picture of mine with a friend last summer. And here is my entry for this week.
This pciture was taken last summer. My sister’s summer treat to the family. It was a memorable one to the family because we are celebrating also the birthday of my late mother. The lady beside me is Anne and her two kids, a family friend and a sort of a member of the family.lol She is close to the family that is why we invited her. And thanks to her for she did pay the cottage and the pool entrance. That is the reason we are inviting her to pay cottage and pool entrance.(kidding!) Actually, she paid for it out of the goodness of her heart. Thanks very much Anne.

I hope you will notice blue details in the picture above for my entry in: