Monthly Obligations..

Each of us has monthly obligations which is to pay our bills.  Different bills that needs to be paid for us to continue using it and the provider will continue doing service with us.  One of the most important bills to be paid monthly is the electric and water bills.  Those are considered as our basic needs because we do used it everyday of our lives. 
Because of these obligations I was able to go to mall which is seldom to happened because mostly I stayed in the house.  I am so happy when my brother told me to pay those bills because by then I can go to mall and have some window shopping.  Window shopping is what I like and I guess all the girls are.  Tomorrow I will be paying those obligations and  I am happy for that.  Going to mall again and do some window shopping.  Off to bed now for I will be leaving the house early tomorrow.  Good night everyone!

Was I Wrong?

” I am so sorry but I am not satisfied with the liquidation report.  If possible, can you make it more detailed?  Does it have receipts?’
This is the statement/comment I have posted on the fanpage of our batch two weeks ago after our reunion.  I do not have any bad intention at all, I just want to make them clear the liquidation because it is not well posted.  With that comment I made my batch mate got angry of me and even called me ‘THE TROUBLE MAKER’.  I have asked them what was wrong with my comment that made others reacted saying I am creating an issue.  I am just practicing my rights as a member to asked for clarification.  I have told them it is right to make a liquidation report to let the members know where does the money goes. 
It does hurt my feelings because everybody things I am the bad one and telling me to say sorry for the issue I have created.  I did my apology already but still they keep on telling and posting not so good comments about me.  If only they are open-minded and understand really my comment they wont reacted that way.  I admit I have said bad words in response to their not so good comments it is because their comments are so provoking that even attacking me as a person.  I opted to stop sending messages because its going nowhere, but still they sending messages. 
I do not think there is nothing wrong with my comment.  Asking to make things unclear clear is not bad right?  Was I wrong in posting the comment I mentioned above?  Thanks for reading, I intended to post it here because I do not know what to do now.  I ignore them but other send me private message telling me I should tell sorry to everybody.  I do not want to because I did not do nothing wrong.  Yes, I have pride but I do not think I will have to say sorry to them.

King of the Road…

We have heard so much accident on road.  Negligence of the driver, not giving a way to overtaking vehicle and not sensitive enough to drive slowly.  It is so sad to know that many innocent individuals suffer the act of some drivers.  No matter how careful we are, if we encountered those kinds of driver or king of road as they say, we are not that safe.

Just recently, another road accident hits my country.  It was not a good news to start this new year.  So sad that some lives are wasted because of the foolish acts by some drivers.  The supposed to be happy reunion of the family turns out to be the saddest day of their life.  Their lives was took away by car accident cause by the king of the road.  The bus driver is overtaking the slow moving vehicle ahead of him.  If the other driver knows the rule as a driver when there are overtaking vehicle this accident can be avoided.  Sad to say the driver of the  vehicle from the other lane challenged the driver from overtaking vehicle resulting to accident.  Many dies including the driver from the opposite lane.  Regrets happens after the damage is being done.  Asked for forgiveness but wont bring back the lives of the victims.  I just wish that this is a lesson learned to those drivers that think they are the king of the road.  Rest in peace to the victims and condolence to their families.

Last December 25, 2010 my sister gave birth to her first baby. We are in the hospital celebrating Christmas day. A new experience for me, it is lonely because I am alone in the room while watching tv as some shows having their countdown for Christmas eve. Lonely Christmas day but worth it for we are waiting for our angel. A new member in the family. As we are about to check out in the hospital, that was December 27, 2010 I asked my father to take a picture of me and my sister with the baby. Luckily the paint on the wall is color blue. Perfect for this meme.

I have noticed that this picture is full of blue colors and so I want to post it as my entry for:

As my new year begins, a friend of mine asked me a question.  Would I be like to be single mother or  a married woman?  Put me in deep thinking of course. 

My friend and I do not have the same opinion and thinking about this matter.  On his point of view, if he got a baby it is okay not to marry the woman.  He has a job and can provide and raise the baby alone.  Which is opposite to me.  If I have a baby I also want the father of the baby.  He is not a believer in marriage and I do believe in the sanctity of marriage. 

Many are single mother with a better career. To him, it is better to be live alone with a successful career than to live with a person that is useless and not working.  Each has the role in the family, if the wife/woman is working the husband can takes good care of the house and the kids. I must say being at home is not easy.  Doing the same thing daily will makes a person bored.  But if you are doing it out of love for the family it is okay.  In marriage, it is important to talk and communicate with each other to avoid misunderstanding and insecurity in life.  Especially nowadays that woman are career-oriented and many are house-husband.  If ever I am a career woman and my husband doesn’t do well in finding a job, taking care of the house and the kids are a big help.  It is the matter of understanding and respecting each role in the family.  No stereotyping because it wont help the marriage life grows stronger and lasting.

If you were to choose, what do you prefer? Single Mother or a Married Woman?