A Blessing or A Burden?

In early life and even during the time of our grannies and parents, babies are blessings. A blessing to married couple for the love they felt for each other. Couples do pray to God to give them a child to complete the family because a child will add smiles and happiness to couples. No one can described the happiness a child can bring in the family. A priceless blessings that is gift from God.
But nowadays, married couple used conctaceptive to prevent the wife to get pregnant. It is so sad that some couple think that a child/baby is a burden. To have a baby is additional expenses to them. A blessings that comes from God is now a burden to some. Some do aboortion just to escape from the obligations and responsibilities when the baby is born. I wonder why they see it as a burden rather than a blessings.
Look at the picture above and see for yourself what is a baby/child means to you? A blessings? or A burden?
Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

Leave Me Alone

The last thing that I do not like to happen to me is to get sick.  I hate it when I am sick because I cannot do my household chores and I do not like the look of it.  Yesterday I am not feeling because of the weather that changed so suddenly.  I am praying last night that I will get better when I wake up in the morning.  Happy to know that I am feel a little better though it is not totally feeling well.  Right now I feel worse,  I feel like having fever.  And I hate when I have fever because I do not want to take medicine.  I usually do water therapy.  I am used to water therapy but now I feel the need to take medicine.  I am still doing my water therapy and I pray that this feeling of having fever will leave me alone.  I am begging you fever to leave me alone. Happy weekend everyone!

Banana Cue Everyone!?

The all time favorite Banana Cue is the most famous food that Filipino people wants to eat during snack time. This is what my family wants to share every afternoon when the kids are home from school and after we woke up from afternoon nap. This kind of foods makes me feel I am a Filipinno and proud to be one.
One afternoon I went to mall to buy something. When I am about to go home, I remember my family especially the kids. They always asked for a presents when I get back. I saw this Banana Cue stand, buy something for my family to share. I took a picture of it for you to have an idea what Banana Cue looks like and for you to know that as a Filipino I am proud to have this delicacies. Bona Petite!


Freaking Hot Weather

First day of the year 2011 here in my province was a rainy day. It lasted for a week and the weather is so cold. My schedule to pay bills was cancelled because I do not like to go out of the house raining. It will make me feel sick when get back home. Rainy days are gone and her comes the hot weather. Here are some pictures I took while riding public vehicle on my way home.
Trying to capture the sun and this is what I got.
I saw a man crossing the street without umbrella and thought it is a nice picture to share also.
While the red light is on, I took a picture of the sun as it is reflecting on the truck.
So freaking hot that can cause us to have skin cancer they said. It is not good to expose our skin in the sun. Prevention is better than cure that is why I always bring umbrella with me. Each day it is getting hotter and sometimes can cause heat stroke. I think this is what we got from desroying mother Earth. It is a good relaization for us to know how our nature reacts to the destructions that we did. Its not too late, revive mother Earth let’s do something and make this world a better place to live.
I was go over with pictures I have uploaded in my computer to find something to share. I do not have time to go around and out of the house to take some interesting pictures to share because I am very busy at home for now. Hopefully I can get an interesting pictures to share soon. Here is my humble picture,
This simple picture was takes months ago while we are having some bonding at the park. Simple but it added a big attraction to people inside the park. I remember I took this picture for me to post in this meme. Hesitant at first because it is so simple. But then I have realized that simplicity is beauty and we can appreciate more if the thing is so simple. I apologize for this simple post and picture. Hope you find it interesting and nice. Thanks!

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