Failures in Our Life

In life we do have goals and dreams that we wanted to achieve in the future.   Aiming for success for us to have a better life ahead.  Having goals and dreams in life will help us to be more motivated and be more eager to make it happen one day.  To have plans about our goals and dreams are stepping stone to success.  

To get what we wanted in life is so difficult.  We will encounter many  failures in our life.  These are parts of our journey to success.  When we failed, it is better to continue moving and not quit.  Though it is not easy to do it but with positive thinking, we can take failures in our life as a challenge.  A challenge that we have to win and succeed.  Failures can also be a way to our success. Every failure is a stair to the top to get the success we wanted.  All has time and place.  We just have to strive harder, aim high, dream big, and pray more.  We may stumble because of failures but remember that we have the two legs to stand up again and face life again.  One failure is another challenge for us to become a better person.  Continue moving for at the end of darkest life, bright tomorrow will embrace us for sure. 

It is my birthday today and so I have decided to post a picture of me today for my Blue Monday meme. Nothing much to say just want to post my picture today. Hope you like it
These are my humble pictures, wearing the top that my friend gave to me last Christmas day. This is my entry for this week.

She can drive now

I have known her for almost ten years now.  Our friendship lasted that long and I am so happy about it.  Having real and true friends nowadays are hard to find and I am so blessed to have her as my friend.  I have known her as an agreesive lady, figther and always on the go. To quit is not in her vocabulary.  She even becomes stronger when she gave birth to her only son.  Single parent is not easy and I salute her for raising her son alone.  Yes, with her family but she is working hard to provide for her son.
Just recently I found out that she is into driving lesson.  Gosh, she is so cleaver to try those things.  I have seen ladies who are driving and I am amazed knowing that they can drive a car.  It is my dream to drive a car one day but I don’t think I can do it.  I guess it will be in my dreams only. Now that this friend of mine is now driving, I so wish to be her passenger one day.  And to know if she can handle a passenger like 

An Award and 7 Things About Me

To receive an award is a great honor and a wonderful feeling inside knowing that someone is recognizing your craft. This is what I feel right now because Pink Memoirs and Just About Anything are choosing me to give this award. Thanks to you!

These are the things that describes me:

1. Simple girl who lives a simple and happy life.
2. I prefer to stay at home rather than to go outside thats makes me tired.
3. I love kids very much…
4. My family is my life, I will do anything as long as they needed me.
5. Find my refuge in writing an that is what I am doing right now and earning.
6. Dreaming to walk down the aisle one day with the man I love the most.
7. To have a family of my own, a dream come true for me.

I would like to share this award to those people who are my inspiratons in my blogging career. These are my choices to pass this award:

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You have been appreciated by me and you can do the same as well. Here are the mechanics to spread this award to others:

  1. Thank and link back the person who gave you this award.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Award 15 great bloggers you know.
  4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

Count me in on your BLUEST OF THE BLUE YEAR! It nice to participate in this kind of celebration and so I am presenting to you my blue entry for this week.

Excuse my messy picture everyone! Since my entry is my bestfriend body pillow , so I took a picture in the bedroom. This body pillow is always with me every time I am doing my blogging stuffs. What is so funny is that I never notice that my body pillow is color blue until today. I was not able to go outside of the house last week because of the gloomy weather that makes me so lazy.
I was sitting away from my laptop and thinking what to write for today’s Blue Monday meme. Looking at my laptop, I have realized that my body pillow is color blue. Hurriedly took a picture for this meme. Indeed it is not necessary to go outside of the house and go somewhere to look for something because we can find things inside our house. All we have to do is to look and find. There are things that is so near but too far for us to notice.
This is my blue story for this week. And hope you like my entry for: