Back to online chores

Being sick is not in my vocabulary because it makes me weak and no one will take good care of my nephews and niece. And I cannot do my online stuff and blogging chores. Unfortunately, I had the flu and was in bed for four days. I felt so tired and can’t move my body. I took medicines that my sister gave me but it does not help at all. I guess I need time to rest. Just lay down, sleep more and stop doing house chores. I felt sorry for my sister because I was not able to help her with the kids for I felt so weak. I promised to update my blogs regularly this month but was not able to do so because my body is asking me to get some rest.

After resting and have enough sleep, I am good now and felt better. I am done with my loads of laundry too. And I am back to online chores. Thank God, that I am better now. Indeed, when we are so tired, it is right to get some rest because our body needs it. We are the driver of our body, let’s not overuse it. We only have one body so we must take good care of it. For there is no replacement when our body becomes weak and not in good condition. When we need to rest we must rest. Now that I felt better, I hope to get my online chores done and will update my blogs regularly. Giving my readers and visitors new post as much as possible.

Shop all you want

When items are on sale, we sometimes become an impulsive buyer. We do not want to let the opportunity passed by just like that. I am like that sometimes and I do not like it because it really ruins my budget. However, if I ever see an offer for the musical instrument that I dream to have, I would be happy to buy it even if I am out of the budget. If you are thinking of buying a musical instrument, try to click here for a great deal. They have what you are looking for with amazing offers. You can even shop all you want because of the offers and deals that you will surely grab. Enjoy shopping!

The teething problems

Teething happens between 6 – 24 months old baby. It is the time when the infant’s teeth erupt the gum. There are several signs and symptoms when the baby is started teething. Some may call it the teething problem because the baby started to feel uncomfortable, irritable, have fever, cough, diarrhea and the likes. It is indeed a problem because some babies always cry and want to be carried always. That is what I have experienced from my nephews and nieces. It was the difficult stage of the baby and me. I include myself because I get so tired taking care of the baby during teething for I have to deal with the teething problems.

As of the moment, my eight (8) months old niece is started teething. She feels the discomfort, has the fever and wants to be carried all the time. One tooth is already showing and the other one is started to come out. Her gums are swollen that makes her feel uncomfortable. Carrying the niece the whole day is making me so tired. If they have a nanny I do not have to do it all alone. Anyways, I hope that the niece will be free from this teething problems. And I beg the teeth to just come out and do not give the niece a hard time. Please be a friend to her.

Happy 4th wedding anniversary

For years ago, my brother and his wife tied the knot. It was one memorable moment for them because his wife was also pregnant when they got married. They are so blessed I must say. Just like other married couple, they have encountered trials too. They were separated for months after a year of being married. My brother was so frustrated that time. He went back to us with their son because her wife left the house one day. However, their love for each other prevails and they were reunited again. Forgiveness has been given and decided to move on, forget the past and focus on the present and the future.

Now, they are on their 4th wedding anniversary. The scars from the past is healing and they are now living happily together with their son. I can see that they live peacefully. God and the love for each other is the center of their life and family now. We seldom see each other though because they live far from us, but the communication is still there. They sometimes visited us having our quick and simple family bonding.

Anyways, on their 4th wedding anniversary I wish them happy life and more blessings to come. I hope that they will continue love each other and always put God always in their house. God bless always and happy wedding anniversary to both of you Bong and Mary.

Playing with the kids before classes starts

Before the busy and study time starts, the sister and I decided to treat the kids at the mall and play with them. We went to the play area and having fun. I am also having fun with them. To be honest I haven’t tried to play at the Time Zone (the play area). It was my first time to go there and I must say I am having so much fun. I felt like a kid again.haha! We play basketball, bowling, and other games for kids that I don’t know what it is called.LOL And I tell you, it is a moment that I will treasure forever.

We played for more than an hour and I am so tired. I really felt my age after we play games. The challenge is that when you play good, you will get more tickets and one ticket is equal to one points. The more points the biggest chances of getting any stuffs/items you like. Unfortunately, we did not able to hit the points on the item that the kids wanted to have. Better luck next time kids. The most important is that we are having fun and we did have an awesome time together before you will go back to school and will be very busy studying. Thank you, kids, for you make me feel young again!