My entry for this week’s Thankful Thursday is about me bein lucky to win in a bloggers contest. I have been joining several contests and not fortunate enough to win. Yesterday I have recieved an email informing me of my winning. I am so happy that I am lucky this time. My name is so lukcy to win in a random org raffle.
Indeed God is really good and knows when you wanted it very badly. I needed some extra cash this week because some expenses occurs and I do not know where to get the money. It is an answered prayer I must say. Thank you Lord for not forgetting my name when I needed your blessings the most.
God Bless Everyone!!!

I Won At Last…

Nothing compares my happiness today because my prayer has been answered. Yes, it is and I am so thankful for this blessing. I have won the contest that was hosted by Chris of Chris Chronicles. I didn’t expect to win because there are lots of entries. Indeed it is true that win you want it the most claimed it and it will be given to you. And I also want to extend my warmest thanks you to Ann for inviting me to join the contest. I owe you a lot. I know I cannot pay you back but Lord will do it for me. Thanks very much for this blessing of winning and for a wonderful friend who is influenced me to do blogging and joined the contest. And for the sponsors who made this contest possible.

The winners were drawn using
Congratulations to the 1st winner!
Genny Kendall will get $100.
Congratulations to the 2nd winner!
Michelle Ame will get $50.
Congratulations to the 3rd winner!
Genevive Micutuan will get $30
I have been joining several bloggers contest and not fortunate enough to win. Today I won at last and I am soooooo happy. A good start for me this year to continue winning. Thanks guys!
My two months old nephew had a fever 2 days ago. I accompanied my sister because she will bring her son to his pediatrician. While waiting outside, I saw this wall decoration. So cute and the color is so alive, perfect for this Blue Monday meme.
I took a picture to let you people know that one of my dreams is to visit disneyland. Seeing this wall decoration make me feel I am already Funny but that is how I feel since I am too far from the country where disneyland belongs. Still praying though to be there someday. It would be a dream come true for me.


On and Off….

Earlier my net connection is on and off.  I understand at first, I just think that maybe many are using internet that causes the connection going on and off.  I closed everything and decided to do stuff this evening.  But then I was wrong because internet connection at this time is worse than on and off. I cannot open a window.  Always say page cannot be displayed.grrrrrrrrrr  I patiently clicking until it finally cooperates.  I hurriedly open my site and writing this update.  Letting you know people that my internet connection tonight really sucks.  I am afraid I wont be able to do my blog dropping and blog hopping.grrrrr   I just wish that this internet connection will be back to normal tomorrow.  I will sign off early tonight, because I cannot do my thing.  Good night every one and have a blessed Sunday.zzzzzzz

Pre-nuptial Video…

Have you heard of a pre-nuptial video?  Any idea in mind of what is it all about?

Well, I have heard of this pre-nuptial video just recently.  Confused of what is it all about and what is the importance of this video to the couple who are about to exchange their vows.  My confusion was answered today while watching a local show here in my country.  To me it is strange and just another expenses to couples.  I do not feel the need to do it if I am in the situation.   It is better to save and spend the money wisely. 

To do this really depends on the couple and depends on their budget.  For me, it will spoil the excitement on my wedding day, and if given the chance to get married I wont do this pre-nuptial video.  If you were single, are you willing to have pre-nuptial video?  And why would you do it?