General Cleaning

It’s Sunday here and it is the day that the whole family is in the house. We also call it our family day. The usual things that we do during our family day, is having some karaoke in the house, eating, watching movies and sharing jokes that we all laughed. Although we do not have a good singing voice, still we sing because it is the thing that the whole family loved to do a lot. I grow up hearing my mother and father singing for us. The love of music we have right now is all because of them.

But today, our family-bonding day is different. After church and breakfast, my eldest brother told us that we do general cleaning of our house. The house needs to be clean because there are lots of cobwebs, dust and things that we needed to throw. When there are kids around the house, expect that the house is so messy. That is what happening in our house. They have put their toys in different bags, cut papers and put it inside the bags, and many others. Even my shoes are not in the proper place. Well, they like to wear my shoes. I remember myself doing the same when I was there They are really reminds me of my younger days.

I must say it is a very tiring bonding we did today but fulfilling and makes me happy because it is another fruitful day for me. Now the house is clean, looking forward for another mess cause by little gremlins (my nieces).lol


Good Job Girls

I have always told my nieces to be good at school and to study hard to get good grades at school. We always motivate them that they will get a reward for every achievement they get from school. My sister is a teacher and always helps them in studying their lessons especially when the examination is approaching. We are so happy because they did not fail us. They always get good score on their examination results. I am so proud of them because they doing well at school. Below is the picture of their ribbons, medals and certification during their school recognition day.


I am so proud of them and I want to tell the world. I know it is a long way to go because they have just started, I pray that they will continue doing well at school. They make us so proud because of their performance academically. I wish them good health and I hope they will achieve whatever they want to achieve in the future. Good jobs girls!

Another Year of her Life

One of the most memorable days of our life is our birthday. It is the day when we first came out into this world. To experience the beauty of life and to live the life that God has given to us. Each year is a blessing for we have given another year to live. That is why when my birthday comes, I see to it that I go to church, light a candle, pray and give thanks to God. That is how my late mother taught us when she was still alive. The most important thing to do during our day is to give things to God for He is the giver of your life.

Today, my godchild was celebrating her fourth birthday. I am I was invited to celebrate it with her. She has been blessed with another year of her life. I can see in her eyes that she is happy. Even though it is just a simple celebration, the fact that her friends are there celebrating with her. A child’s happiness is very simple because she doesn’t care at all what is on the table. She just makes sure that there is a cake and balloons. So funny because to her if there is no cake and balloons no How simple their innocent mind thinks of those things.

Anyways, to my godchild, I wish her the best in life, good health and more blessings. And thanks for inviting me. 🙂

Finished His Vaccination

Vaccination is very important to babies for their protection for possible illnesses that might infective, as they grow older. Good thing that our government have center/clinic that will give free vaccination for everybody. It is very helpful to less fortunate once because vaccination is a bit expensive. This vaccination is done more than once, and it is a big opportunity to grab. I am so thankful because my brother’s kids are availing it ever since they were born.

Today is my little nephew’s final vaccination. I am so happy for him because he is free from those injections, which makes him cry so loud. He is not used to it I must say because till his last session of vaccination he still cries hard and Since his parents are both working, I have to bring him to the center every vaccination. He was injection on his arms and legs that make him cry so loud. The poor little buy is crying and calling my name saying it hurts. If only I could get that pain he felt. As expected he had fever after two hours. Have to carry him the whole afternoon because he keeps on crying. Now that he finished his vaccination, no more pain on his legs and arm. I am happy for him and wishing him good health always.

On The Job Training

After taking his five months course in graphic designing, my brother now is having his on the job training (OJT). For him to apply what he learned from taking the course, he needs this kind of training. Actually it is his second course in addition to his knowledge about designing using computer. He has been doing on the job training before when he was taking up Information Technology course, but today I can tell that he is happy and excited. Though he is excited before but not as excited as today. I think he finds what he really wanted in life. Even before he loves to draw anything. Now he is doing what his heart is wanted to do.

His on the the training (OJT) will last for less than a month, I so wish he get a job he really wanted and he will finally practice what he learned from his course. I always pray for my brother’s success and happiness in life. As I have noticed now, he is happy with what he is doing. He is now aiming to become a successful one in the field of graphic designing. I can sense his determination to succeed right and willingness to do his best. I am so happy for him and wishing him all the best of luck.