Blue Monday #26: Work of Art


I am a proud sister that is why I am showing this to you. This is one of my brother’s projects at school. This is work as graphic artist student. I love looking at it because the pictures tell you everything. While I was looking at this picture, I have imagined many things. Several things that are from my past and present that tells a bright future. Lovely isn’t it?

Yah, I am a proud sister and seeing his works shows that he loves what he is doing. I pray that this knowledge of him will bring him success and fulfillment in life.

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Smiling Sally

Love Yourself

God has given us the most precious gift. It is the gift of life that we have to take good care and enjoy. Since it is His gift to us, we should love it and treasure it. Whatever we do to ourselves, we are doing it to him. We only have one body and it is right to value it. It is a privileged to have given such a precious gift like this that we have to make the best out of it.

I am saying this because I have observed some individuals who do not value their life that much. Drink too much, work too much, and do not eat well. Though their are many reasons why they are doing it, but I think it is our duty to take good care of this life and body that God has given to us. It is very true that working hard for the family is good but our body needs to rest to regain the energy. How can we work if our body is not cooperating due to too much tired? No matter how much we work hard if only the mind is working because the body is weak, it is useless. No one will love us and take good care of it but us. Because we know and feel when we are tired and needed to get some rest. Too much of something is bad if it is our life is at stake. Value the life and love yourself. God bless everyone!

Today is one of the special days in the family because it is the birthday of my father. He is celebrating his 64th blissful years. Though he is not the perfect father, for us he is the best because he raises us alone. My mother died when I was nine years old. My father has the attitude that sometimes we cannot take.shhhh Even though, we still love him because he raise us up with values and we respect him with all our hearts. Nothing more we could ask for because God gave him to us for a good reason.

I thank God giving us the caring, loving and responsible father. If I were to be born again, I will still pick him as my father because of the way he raise me. Raising us alone is never easy and my father did a good job on that. Happy birthday to you Papa, I wish you good health, pray for longer life and happiness always. This is my thankful story to share this week.

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Making her way

Today is a bit busy day for me because we went to the place of my cousin. They are having a feast and we were invited. I went there with my brother and the four kids. It is a good feeling to meet some of my relatives again. We haven’t seen each other for a while and haven’t heard some updates of their life. It’s not that I am minding their business just that it is a good feeling to share and do a little chit chat of our lives.

I am so surprised because the daughter of my cousin is now a teacher. Yes, she did passed the examination and she is now a licensed teacher. I can see the face of a proud mother my cousin is. She is so happy and proud to her daughter making her way. I congratulate her and wish her all the success in life. I must say this is an answered prayer because her mother wanted her to become a successful one to help the family financially. Long way to go and God bless always.


Nowadays, floods are frequently occurs here in my country due to heavy rain. Floods that caused the water pipes breaks and have stain. It is not that safe to drink water directly from the faucet especially to kids who are easily got infected my amoeba disease. In this reason we are encourage to buy mineral water or bring water from the faucet boiled first before drinking. It is right to think of our health first because it is not easy when we get sick.

I saw this water dispenser when I visited my nieces at school. I am glad that the school if providing this for the safety of the student when they drink water. We do not have water dispenser at home but we do boiled water for the kids to drink.

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Smiling Sally