Miss the Easter Vigil

For the past years, I always participated the Easter vigil at the church as part of the holy week activities. One thing that I like in this Easter vigil is that there is a renewal of baptismal. Many are participating and there are some who were baptized from other religion going back to catholic religion. To me during Easter vigil, I am going to understand more the meaning of holy week. It will take 2-4 hours but it is worth to spend my time.

This year I miss the Easter vigil celebration because my body is not feeling well still. I still feel my body is aching. I feel so sad that I was not able to attend this activity in the church. I just watch news in the television about Easter vigil from different churches here in the Philippines. Though I miss the Easter vigil, I will promise to attend the Easter Sunday mass tomorrow. This is the day of Jesus resurrection and meeting His mother. The big celebration because there were angels performing and singing.

Happy Easter everyone!

Lamps of my Dreams

I have always dreamed to buy a classy kind of lamps. Aside from the fact that it is elegant to look at, it is also perfect to used if I want dim light. Sometimes we let the lights on in our living room. And I do not like it too bright because people from outside might see what is inside our house. Modern floor lamp would be nice to have to put in our living room. It has a classy design that would catch the eyes of person seeing it. It will not only add light in our living room it will also add beautification.

Bedside lamps are needed in our bedroom. The lampshade I have in my room is not working anymore. I cannot sleep straight at night with too much bright light on my eyes. It’s been months already since I do not have lamp on the side of my bed. I have been thinking to buy a new one also together with the lamp I wanted to buy to put in our living room. I think I have found the place where to buy the lamps of my dreams.

Looking Back….

While I taking my father a bath this morning, memory comes back when I saw my father doing the same thing to my sickly mother. I was only nine years old when my mother got very sick. I cannot help my sickly mother because I am too young to do it. I am thinking if my mother will still alive I can take good care of her when she is in need. I miss my mother so much every time I saw mothers with their kids.

I saw my mother before in a worse condition, all I can do it to watch her and cry seeing her in pain. I felt so sorry for my mother because my sister and me are too young to take good care of her. It is my cousin who takes good care of my mother. While sitting, I am looking back from our life before. It is still fresh in my mind the condition of my mother before. And looking at my father now, nothing is different. They both need our help, care and our love. If only I could turn back the time, I will take care of my mother like I did to my father. I didn’t give the chance to do it because I was too young. I am taking good care of my father the past week, and every time I touch him I always remember my mother and I always think that I am doing the same thing to my mother.

Donating his Cornea

Just recently, a tragic accident kills the young promising actor here in the Philippines. All his fans, friends, love ones and family were shocked of what had happened. They are on their way to go home when the accidents happened. Sadness filled the faces of those people who knew him and love him. Too young to die, but it is an accident and it is out of our control as human beings. Everything happens for a reason, and that reason that only God knows. Though he passed away so young, he will remain alive in his love ones heart.

Indeed he will remain alive because his cornea will be donated to most needy individual. Out of the goodness of his family’s heart, they will donate his cornea. It is so noble act to help others and give those precious eyes of their son to other people. For the last minute of his life, he was able to give happiness to other people. His death is so sudden and makes us all sad, but it is a blessing to other for his cornea will give bright future to the recipient of his cornea. Praise the Lord for his cornea will change the life of those recipients. They will have a better and bright future ahead.


It’s Monday once again and it is time to share photo with blue shades in it. I did not able to go out of the house because of my father’s condition. I just go over the pictures I have uploaded in my computer. I do not have much to share except this photo above. I am thinking that since I keep on talking in my previous post about my sister; why not share a photo of her and me. I am glad I have found this picture and happy to find out that she is wearing blue dress. This pictures taken during her wedding day last year. So sorry for the poor picture I have to share this week. I will try to look for more interesting and nice photo next time.

This is my share and Happy Blue Monday Everyone!

Smiling Sally