Well rested for the long weekend

I have wished to have more time to sleep, rest and relax even for just a day. I really feel the need to have time to just lay down and doing nothing. I must admit I get so tired taking care of the kids, sending and fetching the nephews at school and at the same time babysitting my nine months old nephew. It is not an easy job, and I do not complain at all because I love being with them and they are family. Just that sometimes I feel exhausted. We do feel that at times, right? And I am glad that my wish granted.

Yes, my wish granted because of the long weekend break due to Kadayawan festival. I have four days to relax, sleep more and wake up late. I am so glad because I feel refresh and savoring this long weekend. I do help my older sister watching the kids, but most of the time I rest and sleep. Today is the last day of my long weekend break. Tomorrow is another day of busy day. I took the chance to update my blogs. I really felt guilty for not updating my blogs for days. I promised to update it regularly but failed to do so. Thanks to this long weekend, I able to clean my room, update my blogs, and most importantly I rested well, and have enough sleep.

Teaching her how to do the laundry

I have started teaching them doing the household chores when they are nine and ten years old. Because I want them to become a responsible human being at the early age. The same thing my late mother told us when we are young. I felt sad before because I felt I am depriving of being a child, but looking at of what I am now, I am forever thankful to my mother. May she rest peacefully. I have taught them doing the dishes, cleaning the house, cleaning clutter and cooking rice. So far, they are doing well of the chores assigned to them. Though I still need to supervise them to avoid mistakes and for them to finish the task/s fast.

Their parents are both working and do not have time to teach their kids. As I am their aunt, I will do the teaching on their behalf. The nieces are now ages 12 and 14, right ages for them to know how to do the laundry. I started teaching them last week. I must show to them from segregating clothes, and so on. And yes, the girls are complaining, saying it is so tiring plus the loaded of dirty clothes.LOL! I understand them because I did the same when I was taught on doing the laundry. We are on our two weeks of laundry lesson, and I am hearing fewer complaints now. Thank God! Hopefully, on our third week, they can do it on their own. Good luck girls.

Congratulations and best wishes

Last Sunday, I was invited to the wedding of my friend. I am happy because I will get to see her and our other friends. It has been four months since the last time we see each other. Though we communicate each other regularly through social media or sending the message on phone. But still, it is best to see each other, talking and laughing. When we are together we laugh a lot. The thing that I missed a lot. It was an abrupt invitation, luckily, we are all free on that day. We do not want to miss this once in a lifetime moment of our friend.

The reception is at the house of the newlyweds. It was a simple celebration, the typical celebration in the province and it is nice. Indeed, simple wedding is very comfortable it is like you are in your home. And memorable because of the guests and visitors who came to celebrate with the couple. It was an abrupt wedding and time is limited but in all fairness, it went well. After the wedding, they will proceed with their application for Japan. That is why they plan the wedding in a short time. Hopefully, their plans will fall into places and their plans to go and work in Japan will come true soon. Again, congratulations and best wishes to my friend and her husband.

Wishing them all good health

July is the most celebrated month in the family. It is because five members of the family are celebrating their birthday. Before we usually celebrate it all at once during the birthday of my niece. It is just a simple celebration like having dinner at home cooking the family’s favorite, and of course with cake and ice cream to make the celebration complete. This event is very memorable because the family is complete. It is just a simple celebration but it is special because of the presence of the very member in the family. And that is the most important thing for us.

This year the celebration is a bit different because we celebrated it separately. The SIL who celebrated her birthday last July 12, opted to celebrate it with her family in the province, we are invited to come but it is far plus it is the school day. We just greeted her a very happy birthday. My older brother whose birthday is on July 16, is busy so we decided to visit him in the city next to ours. We had simple lunch and lots of chit-chats. The nephew and niece whose birthday is on July 18 and 22, have their simple birthday bash at home with the family. The last celebrant is the SIL, wife of my older brother. There are no plans yet, I guess we will have simple dinner at home too. Hopefully and younger brother with his wife and kid will come visit as they promised. Anyways, to all the celebrant, happiest birthday to all of you and I wish you all good health and happiness in life always. God bless you all!

Happy to get stars from the teacher

After two months of being at the learning center, we are happy that the nephew is really showing improvements. The teacher really taking good care of my nephew’s needs. He is listening to the teacher, studying her lessons and loves to write a lot. He writes and participates during the class because he likes getting stars from the teacher for the job well done. It is a good decision to enrolled him at the learning center that is less crowded because the teacher can focus on the kids with special needs. They give lessons one-by-one for the kids to understand the lessons very well. I am hoping that at the end of the school year, the nephew will be so ready to take up entrance examination for kinder 2.

We do not have any idea of the nephew’s performance inside the classroom because his father will just drop him off to school before going to work, and I will just fetch him at dismissal time. Though the teacher told me that the nephew is doing well, I still have some doubts. Maybe the sister just told me positive things for us to not get worried. But I have proved that the nephew is listening attentively and take part during the class. I saw a less shy nephew I must say. I am happy for him. Keep up the good works nephew.