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Today I am going to show my deepest appreciation to those who have visited and commented here in my blog. I owe so much to you people for your constant visit. You are the reason why this blog is still here and my inspiration to write more and update this regularly.

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She thought she found a candy

My nieces are very playful kids. They love to play a lot and since I did not allow them to play outside the house, they stay in the room playing. They make the house messy but it is okay at least I know they are safe. They were playing hide and sick while I am busy in front of the computer. Ella is looking for a place where she could hide while her sister is counting from one to ten. Ella hide under the bed.

Suddenly they are so silent. The noisy room was so quiet. I was wondering what they are doing and so I leave my computer and went to the room. They were surprised when they saw me. And then Ella told me; she found candy under the bedroom. I immediately grabbed the so-called candy on her hand. I was surprised after seeing it because it is a condom with strawberry flavor. I laughed secretly thinking what if I did not came in what they will going to do with it.lol

Whoever is the owner of it, I have to make an investigation to know the owner and tell the owner to be careful next time because dangerous to kids. A lesson learns to all adults to be careful and be responsible to their things.

Fulfilling her Dreams

After being ousted in the company that she is working for five years is never easy. She was suspected by the management of doing things which she did not is too much to handle. She tried to fight for her rights and fight for the truth but she fails. All she has left was tears and the feeling of being stripped off. It took her months of trying to pick up the pieces that caused by what is happening in her life. It is too much to handle but she did not fail to call God’s guidance and asked God for more strength to be able to fight back and move on.

Her faith to God made her move on and continue her journey for a better future. I can say that she is very brave to overcome it all even without the help her family. Trying to find a job here and abroad until she finally gets one. She never lost hope until a door opens for her. Another door to work in a foreign land. Her dreams are slowly come into reality. She is very blessed I must say because instead of giving up, she continue moving on and keeping the faith. I am so happy seeing her smiling right now. She is now reaping the fruit of her labor and sacrifices. Way to go cousin and more blessings to come.

TCP #20: Enough

Hello, Hello Couchers! This week’s theme is perfect for this time of season because there are many individuals who needed to be Redeemed. My pick is Enough my Jennifer Lopez.

This movie is very intriguing to me that is why I really did find some time to watch this movie. Aside from the fact that I like Jennifer Lopez acting prowess, I must say this movie gives Jennifer Lopez a good chance to showcase her ability.

Haven’t watch this movie yet? Here is a little tease:

An abused woman discovers that the dream man she married isn’t who she thought he was. She and her daughter try to escape (aided by her previous boyfriend), but he pursues her relentlessly. Fearing also for the safety of her daughter, she decides that there’s only one way out of the marriage: kill him.

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These are the photos I have captured during the Easter Sunday celebration in the church. The first picture is the angel singing going down while the statues of Mother Mary and Jesus Christ are on their way of meeting each other. One of the big celebrations in the church and I do not want to miss this event without taking some photos. And I wanted to share to all of you. Hope you site blue shades.