Smiles A Lot

My sister’s son is now four months old. I can see his development each day. Among the kids that I take good care of, this son of my sister is different. He makes me so happy because he smiles a lot. He even responds if you are talking to him. Very jolly little one that the family so loves to see each day. I must say that this baby doesn’t know how to frown. It is very true indeed that when the mother is so happy while the baby is inside her womb, that baby will be a happy baby. This little angel is so love by his parents especially his mother. His mother that is so caring since the first time she knew she was expecting.

Babies do really bring smiles and happiness inside the family. Babies are like icing on the cake. Having a baby is more than a blessing that each couple should be thankful for to God. Whether it is out of wedlock still they are a blessing because not all are given the chance to conceive a baby. And so, parents should treasure the moment, embrace this blessing and love this blessing with all your heart.

Seven Years and Counting


These are my friends in their seven years of being in a relationship. I admire their love story that makes me write this. Their love is a concrete example of patience, faith, understanding and of course the kind of love they have for each other. In fact I a bugging them on when will I be hearing their wedding bells. They just laughed at me. And I am wondering because I am not joking when I said it. Oh well, jokingly said but touch of reality I must say.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment and thinking a million times is needed because it is not the kind of thing that we cannot return nor we cannot walk away if we do not like it anymore. Thinking about it makes me understand why this couple is not married yet. Maybe they want to make sure and plan everything before entering into another stage of their life. On the seven years of being in a relationship and counting, I pray and wish them the best of luck.

Stolen Babies

Nothing compares the happiness of the mother the moment she finally giving birth after nine months of patiently waiting. Excited to see and carry her baby for the first time on her arms. I have seen in my friends, sister and sister-in-law the happiness in their faces when they finally carried and touched their babies for the first time. I even saw some mothers do cry. Tears of happiness I must say and always kissed their babies.

But what I have seen early this evening in the news is a mother crying because her baby was stolen. I was shocked thinking how bad some people are to steal a baby and so sad to seeing the tears of the mother. Looking at the things she bought for her baby and touching it. She did not able to hug and kiss her baby that long because it was taken away from her from someone she doesn’t even knows. Her reason of doing such bad action is a big question mark to the parents. Though they saw the girl who stole her baby in the CCTV camera, they are still clueless of where the baby is. The police have the sketch of that person already but still do not know where to find her. The tears of the mother will never stop falling until her baby will be under her care. I hope and pray that this will be over soon and that they will finally see her baby soon.


I was searching for a nice picture to share to you all this week. Just a thought I haven’t post a picture of my brothers here and looking at our picture at the beach last week makes me laugh. We are trying to take a funny pose together though it is poorly Being funny with them is seldom to happen and so I posted it here to always remind me of being funny with them. Hope you like my entry this week.

Happy Blue Monday Everyone!

Smiling Sally

Importance of Anti-Rabies Vaccine

One of the favorite shows that I so loved to watch is a documentary show. The kind of show that is very informative and very helpful to all people. I must say it is a show to watch and a show that is worth it to spend our time. It will give the viewers the good knowledge of different issues. I have seen several topics already and I did not regret it even I sleep very late. One disadvantage of this documentary show is their time of airing. It is very late which others do not stay up late.

Just recently they featured about anti-rabies vaccine. It is a very informative topic and issue to share and discuss. The show tells about what the pet owners should do to protect themselves, their pet and people around them especially if they own a dog. The famous issue that many have died because of rabies after they have been bite by a dog. The effect is too scary but a good one because it will make people more aware of what they are going to do if they ever bite or scratch by a dog. They have also featured some cases about patient’s that were bite by a dog. They put in an isolation room and a few hours died. That is how fast rabies can take our lives if we are careless enough. And so, if we are bite by any other animals especially dogs, go directly to center or hospital and have anti-rabies vaccine to ensure our life. That is how this anti-rabies vaccine is very important to our pets and to us.