Loving the show

I have been watching new shows on television lately. One of my favorites is the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire show. I like plotting of the show because I learned many things. Their questions make me participate and I like it because I learned something. My nieces do love to watch this show too. This show is very helpful to them because some questions are too easy that they can participate as well and questions that they might encounter at school. It is good to know that even just at home, they are learning many things.

This show is originally from other country and they have local show of it. Their contestants today are kids and their questions are for kids too. My nieces are participating by thinking and guessing of what would be the best answer. We love the show and we hope it will stay long on air.


Learning how to brush his teeth

I have started brushing my nephew’s teeth when he had his two front teeth. I want him to have a good set of teeth that’s why. Having a good set of teeth is my biggest frustration that is why I want my nieces and nephew to have a healthy white teeth. I always prepared their toothbrush to train them doing it right after mealtime. I am happy to see now that my nieces are doing it by themselves. It becomes their habit that makes me so proud of them.

My nephew, who is turning two in a few months, also wants to brush his teeth. He doesn’t want anybody to do it for him, as if he knows how to brush his teeth. It is so cute and so funny to look at him brushing his teeth. I just supervised him and teaching him the right way of brushing his teeth. He is learning to do it on his own now and becoming independent because he does not want any help.lol

Broken Screen Door

Our screen door has fall down because my nieces are always ride on it. I do not know what they are thinking but they keep on doing that. My father has scolded them still they are doing it. After several times of doing it, it fell down the other day. My father was so angry because it can’t be fix anymore. The wood was broken apart. Bad thing is that we do not have budget to buy screen door to replace it. If only they are not hard headed it our screen door will still be there. But no matter how angry we are, we do not have any choice but to accept it and save money to buy a new one. We have to replace it soon because screen door is very important to prevent mosquitoes and flies to enter the house. It will take time to replace it especially nowadays that times are really hard. I wish that we would find a way to replace it soon.


Big Brown Butterfly

I have grown up with a thinking that a big brown butterfly is the spirits of our love ones who had passed away. Even my grannies told me that and heard also from oldies. I have seen also that same butterfly many times already in a wake and in burial. That made me believed that this is really true. And so, when I saw that kind of butterfly visited in our house I always think it is my mother visited. She got very sick and died early that she did not able to take care of us that long.

Today is mother’s day and tomorrow is my mother’s birthday. We were supposed to visit her this afternoon but did not able because the weather changed from sunny to rainy day. We decided to cancel it and will do the visit hopefully tomorrow.

Later this afternoon while we were watching television show, there was a big brown butterfly just came in and flying around our house. We thought it is our mother visited us. Whether it is just superstitious belief, I still believed that it was my mother and I greeted her happy mother’s day and happy birthday. The butterfly lasted for just ten minutes. In my heart I said bye and thanks for the visit mother. We will visit you tomorrow. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart. I love you and I miss you much!:-)


Free Anti-Rabies Vaccination

Because of several cases about people who were died because of rabies due to biting by a dog, our city government conducting a free anti-rabies vaccination for dogs. Not all dog owners can afford to have their pets to have vaccination because it is a bit expensive. That is why free vaccination is being held for our protection just in case a dog will bite us. It is a good opportunity to all dog owners.

Early this morning, someone is knocking our door letting us know that there will be a free anti-rabies vaccination here in our village. A rare opportunity that is why I won’t let it slipped away. As a responsible dog owner, I have to bring my dog there to have his first vaccination. Bringing my dog at the center is too difficult for me because I am like playing tug of war. Yes, my dog is a bit heavy and very strong. He can easily pull and escape from me if I don’t use both my hands to hold the chain. Luckily I manage to bring my dog at the center and have his first vaccination ever. We are happy now because we are sure that my dog is safe if ever he got carried away from playing.:-)

Thanks very much to our city government for this.