Blue Monday #31: The Wedding Cake


This is the yummy wedding cake at my friend’s wedding. Fortunately, blue is her favorite color of all time. We call her wedding, The Royal Blue Wedding. My sister did have fun to take lots of photos with blue shades. Most of the invited visitors are wearing blue dress.

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Smiling Sally

Adopted by Heart

I was checking my Facebook account this afternoon when I saw a picture of my high school friend with a boy. I was intrigued by the ‘my son’ caption. Although I am shy because I do not want to intrude in her private life, I did asked her if it is true. I am happy that she is not angry and answer me with whole honestly. She did not give birth because she belonged to a third sex community. The boy in the picture is his adopted son. The picture tells the love and care she has given to the boy. Though the adoption process is not legally done, she did treat the boy like her own son.

Out of the goodness of her heart, because the mother cannot afford to raise the kid alone. I so loved her term, adopted by heart. By the term itself, it tells that she truly love the boy even if not her own. God bless you and the boy.

Little Bully in the House

My nephew who will be turning two years old in July is developing some attitude. He is a big teaser to her sisters and to us. He gets things that we told him not to. A little bit of hard headed I must. We do tell him what is right from wrong and things that is not good to do. He just smiled and says yes, but when we are not looking he will get something and spank his older sisters. He is the youngest and thinks that we will not spank him because he is the baby in the family. He bullies his sister most of the time. What I do is to get the wood, comb or anything that he used to spank his sisters and I spanked his hands. He cries aloud and spanked This little one in the family is becoming a bully kind of a kid.

I won’t allow him to become like that because to bully kids is not good. I know the feeling because I was bullied many times back when I was younger. Not a good attitude and so I decided to teach him more how to become a good boy, be friend to others and to respect his sisters and older to him.



40.6 Fever

If there is one thing that I do not want to happen to my nieces and nephew is to get sick. I have three kids to attend to and it would be very hard for me if any one of them get sick. I was doing my laundry when my father is calling my attention that my six years old niece has a fever. I stopped my laundry for a while gets medicine for my niece to take. I feel relieve when she feels a little better after taking the medicine.

My niece is sleeping when I checked her temperature. I was shocked because her temperature reaches to 40.6. Too high and she is shaking. I immediately put cool patch on her forehead, have her take paracetamol and get ice bag for her heat to cool down. I am checking her temperature from time to time to know if there is any improvement. It is very stressful day for me today. I pray that my niece will get better after the medication and her temperature will go down and back to normal.

I missed to share my Blue Monday story last week because my internet connection was cut-off. Glad my connection is back now and to cope up with what I am missing last week, I have two blue stuffs to share this week.


This is me and my nephew with the blue baby carrier.

While feeding him, we took a photo of his first blue shoes.

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