Rainy Season is Here

Summer is gone and here comes the rainy season. It’s been days now that rain is pouring here in the city where I live. I didn’t wonder because here in my country rainy season is here. The only thing that is so strange is that it is still hot even though it is raining. It’s like raining in the summer season. Bad thing is that my umbrella is broken. My niece took it from my bag and go out in the rain. I thought they were just playing in the living room. When my other niece cried I look for them and see them outside with my umbrella. They were fighting who will handle the umbrella. It’s like playing tag of war. In the end, my umbrella suffers.arghs!

I guess I need to buy new umbrella especially this rainy season. Weather is unpredictable that is why I always bring my umbrella with me. I am so angry but I cannot do anything about it. Hitting them is useless because my umbrella is still broken. Buying new umbrella is not good because I am in a tight budget but I have to do it for it is very important during this season. I swear I will keep my new umbrella in a safe place. Place where my nieces won’t see it.

Blue Monday #32: The Reception


This was the reception of my friend’s wedding. It is her special day and so she wanted it to be perfect. Her wedding motif is blue because its her favorite color. All visitors are wearing blue dress. Have seen different shades of blue at her wedding and I must say it is beautiful.:-)

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It Really Helps

Every time I feel sad, lonely, and bothered, I do listened to my favorites music to help me motivate and understand more about life. Music’s are the harmony of my bothered mind and heart. It really helps me to think straight because it makes me more relax. Thanks for the music because it is really inspires me to move forward.

My mind has been scattered for a while because of the bad storm that hits me. Broke my senses and concentration. I do not know why I let these things happen. No matter how much I wanted to go out I cannot because I was trapped. Feels like nowhere to run but I remember that music’s really makes me feel so relax and calm. I just listened to my favorite music and close my eyes to free my mind from those stressful experiences. I am so happy that I am okay now and feeling alive again. Bad storm caught me unaware and really messing up with my life. For you who did this to me, I am okay now and will proved you that you can’t make my life miserable.

Lion in a Sheep’s Skin

The feeling is different the day I met you. It was so right and perfect for me. I know that there is no perfect in a relationship that is why couple should do their part to make it closer to perfection. We have ups and down but able to manage it well. I do not know what spell you put on me that even me if you hurt me more than twice, I still have given you space to come in. Stupid, I must say but it’s just happened. Maybe because of the sweet words you have said and the promises that all the while was a lie. I won’t beg for your stupid love because I don’t need it, all I want is for you to be honest. Shame on you for you does not have any balls to stand on your own.

All the while I was living in the land of a person who is just wearing and hiding in a sheep’s skin. Poor me, but I am happy because God doesn’t let me sink in the land of lies. If by chance you will be able to read this, I wish you good luck and I pray that you will find the courage and be brave enough to stand on what you are saying. Practice what you preach, do not be like the person that more on talking but less in action. Goodbye!

Reading Skills

In two weeks time my nieces will be going back to school but in different school. New environment for them but good thing is they are enrolled in a school where my sister teaches. Because of financial problems they will no longer be in a private school. Their parents are just being practical because times are really hard nowadays. Today, they are finally enrolled in the new school with the help of my sister (their aunt). Part of the rules as a transferee and in first grade is to test if the student can read. It is important for them to recognized letters so that not difficult for a teacher to start the teaching class. I am so happy that my nieces can recognize letters and can read even slowly. They are now ready for school and I must say they are excited. I am proud of them having the skills in reading because it is an advantage for a kid to know how to read. Thanks to their previous school and to my sister who is a teacher who give her time to teach them how to read.