Thanks for the smiles

My mind is so full that wants to explode any minute. I can’t think straight and I can’t make my work done on time. Seems like what I did is wrong and making it right is very hard to do. I am glad that I have a friend who is always there for me to cheer me up. I really needed someone to talk to before I’m going crazy. She lights up my day and brings smiles on my face. For a moment I forgot the things that bothers me and it lightens the load I have in my mind. It is really good to have a friend who understand you and comfort you when you needed them. Thanks a lot my friend for the smiles, you never fail to give me smiles and your love. Though we do not have the same thinking sometimes still we managed to understand each other. I must say we are opposite, but that difference makes our friendship last for a decade and still counting. Thanks God for giving me a nice and caring friend like you. You know who you are…. Thanks a lot. Friends Forever.:-)

Domain and Hosting Giveaway
Fishy Talks | Gagay.MD | Oh Gosh Gulay | Pinoy.MD | Walking News Paper

This is the good news that Miss Gagay is giving away in her four years of blogging. Her way of saying thank you to all her readers, followers and visitors. Let us celebrate with her and join her awesome giveaway. I’d like to celebrate with her that is why I am here. Thank you Miss Gagay for this wonderful good news. I pray hard to get this awesome prize because I like the prize very much!:-)

Interested to join? Come and visit HERE for the mechanics on how to join. Good luck to us!

Blue Monday #33: Collections


I love to collect wedding giveaways since the day I received the first ever wedding giveaway years back. I love it because it gives me an idea because of the different designs. This collections help me develop my creativity when it comes to designing. Through this, I am able to design the wedding giveaways of my brother and sister’s wedding. I love doing it and I hope to make new designs in the future. The photo above is my newest collection, added to my collections.

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First Day of School

Tomorrow is the first day of school here in my country. Students are excited to go to school because of their new things and new set of uniforms. One perfect example of a very excited kids to go back to school are my niece. They are arranging their bags, shoes and socks. All are set and they are ready for school tomorrow. In fact they are now sleeping for them to wake up early in the morning. They are enrolled in new school and I hope they can cope up with new environment and new set of friends. House will not be so messy, less noise and no quarrel starting tomorrow. It would be a quiet day in the house tomorrow. I can get more rest and less stress.wink!

Ready for School

This Monday (June 6,2011), classes will formally starts here in my country. My niece’s things for school are all set including their new uniforms. They are so excited to wear their new uniforms because they transferred to another school. It is so cute to see they are so busy arranging their things and counting their They love to look at the front page of their notebook s and comparing. I am so happy because my nieces still have the enthusiasm to go to school. They are different from other kids who are not happy that classes will start soon.

I wish them good luck to their new school and I pray they still finished with flying color and with honors. I know it is new environment to them. I just hope they can adjust easily. All is set and they are ready for school.