Happy Father’s Day

Today, the whole world is celebrating father’s day. The days were the whole world is giving recognition to all the fathers out there for the job well done. It is that day where children of the world saying thank you to their one and only father who have raise them and give them decent life. Though not all are fortunate enough to have a father who gives them the kind of life they are dreaming of, but the thought of the sacrifices their father is going through is more than enough to give those hugs and love on their very special day.

In the past weeks, my family is not in good terms because of some issues. I am happy that we are better now and trying to understand each other especially my father who is a bit old and lost temper sometimes. On this father’s day, we greeted my father a very happy father’s day and say thank you for raising us with values and respects. Happy father’s day father and God bless you more.

It’s Over!

The painful part in the relationship is when the other party says it’s over. It is never easy because of the emotions and the feelings that the couple are sharing will go nowhere. With all the hopes and the long waiting the other party says bye. When the couple has lost their communication, the relationship will definitely fall down.

She’s been hurt many times but still hoping that one day they will end up to be together forever. Giving up is not on her vocabulary because she is the kind of person that will wait until the guy will say goodbye and it’s over. After a month of being in a silent communication, the guy finally bid goodbye. Another painful experience for her and another tears to shed. Although she is preparing herself for this to happen, still she is hurting. I know she is strong and she will be able to overcome this pain one day. I wish that after the sad experiences, she will finally say it’s over of being in pain and start a happy beginning.

Picking up the pieces

After the storm, there is indeed a rainbow coming over me and show me the bright light of a better and happy tomorrow. Enough of being sad and mourning over things that won’t comes back. Heads up and move forward is what I am doing right now. Picking up the pieces of me that has been scattered for days. It is time to embrace the beauty of life no matter how sad it is. Tears are part of life and will for sure helps us to become stronger and wiser person. In life, we sometimes have to be broken for us to be whole again and continue fighting of the difficulties in life. Living in this world isn’t easy I must say, because there are lots of people who will hurt us to pull us down. I am there and I am sorry to tell you that you’re not going to succeed.

The tears that I have shed will be my strength to move on with life. I will for sure patch these pieces of me and start my journey again until the day I am able to say I succeed.:-)


Blue Monday #34: New Layout

It’s been months already that I am dreaming to have this blog a new layout. A layout that I like and my choice. It took me months to save because I do have other expenses that always makes my wallet empty. I am glad that I am able save the money I earned from ghost writing. Finally, I have my new layout for this blog and I so much love it!




Since my other two blogs color is pink, I decided to have a blue colored layout for this blog. As blue is also my favorite color. Well, second to pink.lol I am so happy looking at my new layout because this is the fruit of my labor. The photo above is the header of my new blog. Thanks Ryhanne..

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Why and Why?

I have encountered many challenges in life since childhood. I am able to face it with the help of my brothers and sister. They are my wings and strength to go on with life. My mother passed away when I was nine, since then we promise to help each other through thick and thin. We are able to overcome because we do share a thing that bothers us.

Now that we are older and some have families of their own, I feel so lonely and alone. There are lots of things that bother me right now and I needed an outlet to let it out. I am shy to share it to them for some reasons. There are lots of why’s that are running in my head for the past days and until now still searching for answers. Even though I am smiling, deep inside I am crying out loud. My friend told me to go out, unwind and refresh myself because it helps a lot to lighten the burden. She is the only person I have talked to and shared some things that are happening in my life right now. I hope that she wont get satiate in listening to my miseries and can still offers her shoulders to cry on. I can feel she understand me more now than my brothers since my sister is busy in her own family. God give me the strength to go on finding the answers to the entire why’s that bothers me.