Second Chance of Life

One reason that I do not want to watch news on television is to see people are dying because of accident. It makes me feel sad because their life are wasted because of others carelessness. But today I did watched after hearing my sister’s story that she saw a road accident on her way home from work. The truck loss the break that caused the accidents because the driver cannot control it because the position of the truck is came from elevated road. The truck dragged the taxi cab, a public vehicle and bump in front of the bus.

The rescue brought the victims to the nearest hospital except for the lady who is dead on the spot. Looking at the taxi cab and the public vehicle, you wouldn’t think that there are lots of survivors. The conditions of the drives are worse but they are stable now. This is their second chance of life that God has given to them and to those other victims. God has plans for them that are why they have given another chance of life. It is a blessing indeed and I wish they take this advantage to go good and better in life.

To love and be loved

To love and be loved is the wonderful feeling a person could ever felt in her/his life. It is a mixed emotion of happiness and inspiration. All are wanted to feel this feeling because this is the best way to show that a person is important and cared. But this feeling could be the saddest also if it is unrequited love. Loving someone who does not even care for us is more painful and no one wants this to happen to them.

We all wanted to love and be loved in return, but you have to love first yourselves before loving someone. Because it is difficult to love someone if you do not even know how to love yourself first. As they say, ‘ you cannot give what you do not have’. And so it should start from ourselves for this is the basis of the kind of love that we can give to someone. Also we have to be ready and prepared all the time because love can be painful especially if it is ended. And this is the saddest part of it and acceptance is the key to move on and be ready to love again.


Unexpected Expenses

I planned to treat myself this weekend, to have some time for myself and to unwind from tiring job at home. All was fixed until unexpected expenses knocking on our door. I felt sad and guilty because that expense is very important. I cannot go out and spend when I know in my heart my family needed financial help. How can I go now and unwind? It is really hard and I am torn, really torn right now. I am still thinking of going to mall tomorrow or just give the money for my family to who badly needed it.

I do not understand why this thing happened every time I plan to go out and unwind. My family expenses always interfere when I do plan to pamper myself. I have accepted it that this is part of my life, to help my family as much as I could. I pray to God that He will give me more strength and energy always.

Blaming it to the child

A child is always a blessing to the family. It is a gift from God to the couple to complete the family. There is lots of sacrifice especially the mother who carried the baby inside her womb for nine months. To give birth is never easy because the life of the mother is at stake. But because of the kind of love that the mother has, he takes the pain and gives all her best to give birth.

Just recently, my sister shared to me about the story of her student. She was raised up by her grandmother because her mother died after giving birth and her father got angry of her. Her father is blaming her for the death of her mother because her mother died on the day she was born. Poor little child I must say. Good thing is she has her grandmother who gives the love and support she needed. Makes me think, God never leaves us empty handed. If someone leaves us, He always gives us someone who will comfort and love us.

Blue Monday #35: My Friends


I have been featured these friends of mine in my blogs. And I am going to feature them again here. I was browsing a pictures that I can share it here. Fortunately I found this picture in my files. My friends during the wedding of my sister a year ago. Lovely ladies isn’t it? These are Nancy, Ada and Anne. Thank you ladies for coming especially for bringing

My share for this week’s:

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