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Giving away old clothes

Because of the flash floods that washed out the houses and other properties of some residents here in the city, people are encourage to give relief goods, used clothes, money and other things that the victims can used in their day to day living. The calamity shocked the whole city because it was the first time that the city is experiencing this kind of calamity.

To help someone is what my sister loved to do in her own little way. And the victims of flash floods are really needed help that’s why my sister is giving away her old clothes to give it to them. Encourage me also to give some of my old clothes and also my sister-in-law. It is really a good feeling to be able to help others. To see them smiling after receiving what you give to them. Although it is not the best clothes that we gave because we are not rich, but the thought of giving is all that matters because it is the thought that counts. God bless to all the victims.

Blue Monday #36: Nephew and Me


This photo was taken when we went to the goodwill store. While waiting for my sister to finish shopping I asked the attendant to take a picture of us. My nephew looks bored right? If he can speak he wold probably say, mother hurry am


Busy cleaning

It’s been three days since the flash floods washed out properties and killed residents in some areas here in the city where I live. I have seen the damaged of flash floods in the news. I didn’t see it personally since my place is not that close to the affected areas. Today, when I went to the city I passed by on the affected areas. Their situation is very bad; some are still trying to locate their things, and trying to find things that are still usable. The victims are busy cleaning their things, and the place where their house is used to be standing. It is good to see that despite what had happened they can now manage to smile and have the courage to go on with life. They are trying to build again their home sweet home in the safe areas. As they are busy cleaning, they are smiling and full of life. This is a good attitude to have for a victim.

Just Beautiful: Smile of a Kid


I am glad this meme is still open because my entry is a bit late. After checking and find out that the link is still open, I immediately look for a beautiful photo that I could share. The photo above is my share. It is my six months old nephew laughing while looking at his mother. He loves to smile a lot when he hears someone calling his name. This is how bubbly my nephew is. Isn’t it beautiful?

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