I always joined different giveaways for bloggers online. Aside from the tempting prizes, I love to join because of the thrill and the excitement. Just tonight, I was checking the groups that I am in I saw this awesome giveaways. Prizes are the one that most bloggers want to win. I would love to have any of the prizes. So here I am joining the giveaway.

If I am lucky enough to win, I would like my domain name be myonlinediary.com. Why? Because I usually write my daily errands, experiences and memorable moments that are happening in my life. It would be my online diary where my thought, ideas and feelings written. Writing is one my passions in life and is doing it for years now and counting. I am happy because I am doing what I love to do and at the same time earning from it. Winning would be a big opportunity for me because it only means I have an additional site to write the things that I wanted to share to people.

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Too much love will kill you

The title sounds familiar right? Yes, it is so familiar because this is a title of the famous song. I used this as a title of my post tonight because of the news I have seen on television few days ago and today. The news I saw was about what love can do to someone who is angry and desperate. I can’t believe that a person can kill someone they love so much. Jealousy indeed will make a person do things they wished shouldn’t do. I can say that they have regrets but it is useless because they cannot get back the life they taken.

It is very true that true love will kill you because others do lose their mind because of jealousy. Many say that being jealous is not bad because it only means that the person loves you dearly. But is it still considered love to kill someone? Love is the greatest gift from God to all of us. He died because of love to us. I do not seemed to understand why people can kill someone they love. Act of selfishness I must say, and it is so sad. I wish people will reflect first before doing things that they would regret in the end. Because the true essence of love is to sacrifice and to set them free to find their happiness not to choke them from the relationship which will never work out.

Will do it next time…

This is my famous line every time my plan is spoil by unexpected expenses in the house. I am sad but that is me, I always put myself on the last of my list. My conscience will haunt me knowing that my family needs it the most. I am supposed to go to the parlor to have my hair fixed but did not able to do it because some things happened. I am sad but there is nothing I could do but I have to set aside again myself.

The money that is tending for my hair went to the unexpected expenses occurred. I am sad because my plan was spoil but happy at the same time because that money saved my family’s expenses. Better luck next time and I hope I will be able to save soon to pamper my hair.:-)

Singing Happy Birthday

Each day, I always sings happy birthday to my nephew. My nephew just listens to me every time I sing. He will be turning two next week. Times really flies so fast, I can’t believe that the baby that I babysit is now turning two years old. It tells only one thing, I am growing old.lol This morning I am surprised because I heard him singing happy birthday to himself. Though the lyrics are not clear I know it is happy birthday because he is mentioning his name and he can pronounce the last syllable of the birthday word which is the ‘day’. It is so cute hearing him singing for himself. He doesn’t have any idea at all that it will be his big day that we are going to celebrate. Not planning for a birthday party though, just a simple dinner with the whole family. I wish to give him even a simple birthday party for him to have fun with his friends but I cannot for now. I can make it up next time I pray. Happy birthday my dearest nephew, wish you all the best and good health always.

Severe Cough

My sister is so worried of her son’s cough. We went to the pediatrician this morning to have her son be checked. We were so worried of my nephew’s condition that is why my sister leaves for work to go to pediatrician’s clinic. We feel relieved after what the doctor told us. My nephew will undergo seven days of treatment. I am hoping that he will get better soon after the medication. He is sick for days and we missed his bubbly and lovely smiles. I am praying for my nephew’s improvement. Severe cough be gone and leave my nephew alone.